August 25th National Kiss and Make Up Day

Isn’t it funny how a kiss can make all the bad things go away. A boo-boo, an argument, an annoying Italian with Mafia ties. There are so many emotions involved with a kiss, sometimes even a kiss can be misleading. However when it comes after an argument, disagreement or something stupid someone did the intent often leads to something more.


It’s hard to say when humans first decided to end their fights with a kiss. I guarantee it was sometime shortly after words either had their effect, or didn’t mean anything anymore. Maybe that was a way to get someone to shut up! If I put my lips on yours you can’t talk anymore. Well, I guess you can but no one is going to understand you.


And to think humans are the only ones to kiss is just wrong. Of course most animals kiss  to find out what the other had for lunch but they do have emotions. My dog is full of kisses when I get ready to take her for a walk.


I thought “Love means you never have to say you’re sorry”. I know that’s bs! We are people, we more often than not do, and then think about what we do. Not very good when you feel hurt, lonely or misunderstood. It’s not that a kiss can solve everything, but it’s a start. It really does mean, I am willing to listen, another kiss means I am ready to forgive.


How to celebrate – Give someone you know a kiss today whether you are mad at them or not. Start an argument just so you can make up. (Not suggested) You must remember this, a kiss is just a kiss, a sigh is just a sigh…