January 28th National Kazoo Day

Even if you have a tin ear you can play a kazoo. Maybe not all that well, but you can still play it. Just the saying the word kazoo brings fun to mind. Of course most people abuse this musical instrument, just blowing, or humming, any tune into it and getting the expected result. But an artist can make it sound like… well, someone humming into a kazoo but in key. You don’t need to read music, you don’t even need to be able to read anything! You do not need to spend years learning the proper use. Just buy it and blow.

How to celebrate – Buy a kazoo. Start a kazoo band. Lead a Kazoo parade!

January 28th National Kazoo Day

Ah, the musical instrument anyone can play, so long as you have lips! With as simple as the design is, you might think the kazoo has been with us since the beginning of time, but it hasn’t.

The first vented kazoo was created in the 1840’s, made by Alabama Vest in Macon, Georgia. His instrument was crudely made calling for Thaddeus Von Clegg, in Germany, to find ways to improve it and make it resemble what we know the kazoo to look like today.

It was not mass manufactured until 1912 when Emil Sorg and Michael McIntyre started making them on an assembly line. The price naturally dropped making it probably the most affordable musical instruments one can buy. Of course, the better the quality the better the sound and the longer they will last.

It is the perfect kitchen band instrument, good for sing-a-longs and to entertain those around you. They may not always be in tune but they are fun and it’s hard to keep from smiling when one is being played.

How to celebrate – Go buy a good quality kazoo! Form a Kazoo kitchen band. Learn how to make your own kazoo.

January 28th National Kazoo Day

If there is one musical instrument that anybody can play, it’s the kazoo. If you can hum, you can play and in most cases you don;t even have to be in tune. You might think that it is such a simple musical instrument it would be very, very old. Well it is old, but not all that ancient.


Alabama Vest dreamed up the idea of the kazoo but was not capable to making the instrument themselves so they went to clock maker Thaddeus Von Clegg who crafted the instrument in the 1840’s. You can just imagine twenty years later how scary the idea might have been if a 50,000 man army during the Civil War all marched into battle playing a kazoo. Well, scary might not be exactly the word I am searching for.


The kazoo was commercially manufactured beginning in 1912 when Emil Sorg began producing the instrument in Western New York. While most of us are familiar with the simple plastic kazoo we find in any novelty store but the metal ones, like those made before plastics, have the better tonal quality and there are even semi-professional kazoos that are made from the highest quality materials.


Of course, most of us are content with the simpler version we can buy cheaply, easily and requires no real talent to play. The idea of the kazoo is to just have fun. You don’t need to spend years learning to play it and it ideal to share in a group.


How to celebrate – Go get a kazoo! Start a kazoo band with your family and friends. Try playing a kazoo in a crowded elevator and see what reaction you get.

January 28th National Kazoo Day

If there is one musical instrument that everyone can play it’s the kazoo. Naturally, some are better than others and some should not even try this simple instrument, but it requires very little skill and only the minimal musical ear.


There is some debate as to the actual date of National Kazoo Day. Some say it is the fourth Thursday in January, others say it is the 28th. So, January 23-29, the entire week, has been turned into Kazoo Week. The day of celebration was apparently created by Chaplin Willard Rahn in his “Joyful Noise Kazoo Band” book.


The kazoo has been around for over 165 years. Invented sometime in the 1840’s it was first popularly demonstrated at 1852 Georgia State Fair.It was called the “Down South Submarine”. The Alabama Vest (An African-American organization) and Thaddeus Von Clegg (A German clock maker) are credited as the inventors of the kazoo.


Commercial production of the kazoo began in Western New York in 1912 when Emil Sorg and Michael McIntyre partnered to make this remarkably simple instrument. Since then the kaoo has appeared in nearly every band, assembly and school across America.


There are even professional kazoos today that can be plugged into an mixer and amplified for all to hear. Oh joy.

How to celebrate – Get your own kazoo and start making music instantly. Form your own kazoo band. Test out several kazoo to find the one thatgives you the optimal sound.