November 3rd National Sandwich Day

Could America exist without the sandwich!?! I don’t think so. It is probably the most popular food in all of America, maybe even the world. We now have breakfast sandwiches, lunch sandwiches, and dinner sandwiches. There are super sandwiches for football game parties and tiny sandwiches for those on a diet. We even have ice cream sandwiches and aren’t most cookies actually sandwiches?


Well, we owe it all to John Montagu, the Earl of Sandwich, and his passion for gambling. In the 18th century, meat was served very greasy and Montagu did not wish to soil his fine clothing. So he ordered the meat served between two pieces of bread to soak up the grease and keep his fingers clean for card playing. Soon everybody was doing it, well not the gambling part, the ordering sandwiches. Oddly, he never really was the Earl of Sandwich though. The towns original name was Sondwic which got changed to Sandwic and finally Sandwice in 1086. But no one wants to eat a sandwice, which means “Market Town on Sandy Soil”.


The nice thing about a sandwich is that you can put anything you want on it and you can restrict it to only things you like! What is more perfect!?! The perfect meal served with only the foods you like and all made portable because of the bread!


So this is John Montagu’s birthday, November 3rd and hence, National Sandwich Day. Subway will give you a free sandwich if you show up and ask for it. There are some limitations but for the most part, you can have it your way (something you really can’t get at Burger King).


And Arby’s also has a free sandwich they will give you but you have to register for it, I believe on their website.

How to celebrate – Either go out and buy a sandwich or make one of your own at home. Try to create your own sandwich and see if you can get it named for yourself! Share a sandwich with someone, educating them first about the history of National Sandwich Day.