February 11th National Inventors Day

Ronald Reagan made February 11th the National Inventors Day in honor of Thomas Alva Edison whose birthday just happened to be February 11th, 1847. That was back in 1983, long after Edison had registered over 1,000 patents for his inventions.


You could say it was like a light bulb went off in his head. But that’s the life of an inventor. Some inventors regret things they have made, like Pulitzer and even Einstein. It seems, for better or for worse, that most inventions come either during war or right before it. Sometimes because of dreams thought up during war. That’s normally because people are often busy enjoying life when they can.


And oddly, most inventions are fought against until people realize that they can make life better. Change never comes easy to man and inventions are all about change. Some inventions are life changing, others… not so much so. After all, even the Pet Rock was an invention.


You might be surprised at who inventors are. Yes, most of them are very bright and they are highly educated. Some are our neighbors who just happened to have the right idea at the right time.


How to celebrate – Invent something! Read about the famous inventors who have made the quality of life better for us all. Study some of the odder inventions you may never have known existed.


February 11th National Inventors Day

National Inventors Day

Feb 11th, 2017 celebrates the inventor in all of us. Of course, some are more successful than others. Thomas Edison,


the Wright Brothers


and Hedy Lamarr were able to reveal that “necessity is the mother of invention”. Yes, that was Hedy Lamarr who was an actress and an inventor leading the world into the wireless communication era.


The world is truly a better place for all those who have invented something to better our lives and yes, that even includes the slinky! Inventors Day was proclaimed by President Ronald Reagan in 1983.

How to celebrate – Thank any inventor you know. Try inventing something of your own. Study all the inventions that affect your life.