March 1st National Pig Day

You wouldn’t think it by looking at them, but pigs are actually one of the smartest animals on the face of the earth. They can be trained to do tricks and are pretty social. They actually make pretty decent pets too! (not that a lot of us have that option). Today was created by an art teacher in Texas, Ellen Stanley, in 1972. One would assume she had pigs, or at least access to them. At any one time there are generally about a billion pigs living on earth, most living 10-15, although some can live up to 20+ years.

How to celebrate – Take a pig to lunch today (no, that does not mean you are going to eat it). Get a pig for a pet. Take an IQ challenge with a pig.

October 18th No Beard Day

Okay, I get it, today you should be clean shaven. (Particularly if you are a woman). If you are a man, a beard itches after a while, if you are a woman it can scratch your face of even tickle. The idea is being comfortable. But a beard has always been consider a sign of intelligence. Look at Einstein, Lincoln, Moses! They all had beards. Okay, maybe it was because they were too lazy to shave or maybe it’s because they didn’t have time to shave since they were thinking up great thoughts! But can you imagine Santa without a beard? So to call for a no beard day doesn’t mean that the greats can have a beard but if you are like me and not as great, shave so no one thinks that you are smarter than you really are!

How to celebrate – Shave. Try and disguise your beard if you have one. Go back to bed and let your beard grow.