January 2nd Run up the Flagpole and see if Anyone Salutes Day

If you have an idea and are not sure whether it is worth your time to try and implement it try running it up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes it. It’s not a bad idea. Taking the thought from fledgling countries who are not sure who will follow the forefathers into a new venture applies to practically anything one might do.

Flag Pole

It is supposed to simplify the process testing the market first to see if an idea is considered good by anyone other than the inventor of the idea. Of course, just like flagpoles, it can still be complicated. The bigger and more risky an idea the more difficult it may be to convince people to salute it, just like a flag of a new country.


And if you are willing to put yourself on the line too, try flying yourself on that same flagpole. The bigger the risk, the more you will have to risk yourself… besides it’s a great way to get people’s attention! Isn’t that what it’s all about anyway?


Well, it’s just a quote anyway that nobody seems to know who spoke it. Maybe it’s something we should do anyway with. Lets run it up a flagpole and see if anyone salutes it!

How to celebrate – Continue to come up with those good, or bad, ideas! Always test your theories, it’s the best way to improve a product. Buy a flagpole and put it in your front yard.


September 10th Swap Ideas Day

You know what they say; “Two minds are better than one.” If you get a really good idea you might want to share it with someone because they may be able to improve on it! Of course, they may make it worse as well or they may even steal it for themselves and leave you out n the cold… but that’s not what today is all about.

swap-ideas-day (2)

How about those of us who get a great idea but we can’t put it into an actual working model? We have to share it with someone or else it will never get off the ground! You might even find that someone has been thinking something similar to your idea but in a different way. By sharing the idea you make make something that would have made a difference instead of having something that falls to the wayside and is useless.

swap ideas

It could be an invention, a manuscript, a life changing event or even something as simple as adding an ingredient while cooking. Sharing ideas is how out teacher teach, our government is supposed to function and and works really well at problem solving.

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We all come up with ideas, normally several a day.  We do not share them because we think they are stupid or because someone might steal them. If we shared them maybe they would actually develop into something with the right minds in place.

How to celebrate – If you get an idea, write it down before you forget it. If the idea is something beyond your power to create it, find someone who can. Make a list of those who you feel you can trust with your idea and break them down in to categories where they might be of the most use.