May 16th Horse Rescue Day

May 16th Horse Rescue Day

Believe it or not, back in the 17th century, and before, people believed that an animal, any animal, could not feel pain. So when the dog was whining or the horse neighed what did they thin was going on!?! Well over the years we have learned different and any and all animals feel pain. They feel hunger and sorrow, happiness and muscle aches. They feel everything we humans can imagine. Horses seemingly are abused more than a lot of other animals. Because they are larger, people often think they do not feel. It just isn’t true. A horse is a loving, caring animal and should be treated with all the care you would give a human loved one.

How to celebrate – Take care of your horse. Watch out for others abuse any animal. Read Black Beauty.

April 9th National Unicorn Day

April 9th National Unicorn Day

Unicorns are probably the best known of all the mythical beasts of history.  They seem to first have appeared in Greek stories though it is thought, even then, that the Unicorn came from India. Children love the idea of Unicorns, and over the years they have been given bright colors and rainbows to enhance them to make them appeal to children even more. In legend, women were the only ones who could tame Unicorns. Unicorn Day was established in 2015.

How to celebrate – Try to remember all the stories you have heard or read that had unicorns in them. Get yourself a stuffed unicorn. Study mythology.

December 13th Day of the Horse Day

December 13th Day of the Horse


Resolution 482, passed in Congress in 2004, recognizes the contributions the horse has provided for Americans. Can you imagine the U.S. being settled without the horse? There are over 9.2 million horses in the US today.


Over 4.6 million people are involved in some form with horses, 460,000 having full time jobs in some part of the horse industry. Some 2 million people own horses and that industry adds $102 billion dollars to our economy.


How to celebrate – Have a horse over for dinner to thank them. Learn how to ride a horse. Horse around with your friends.