September 13th Friday the 13th

Well, if you are superstitious today is a great day to stay in bed. Unless, of course, something bad happens while you are lying in bed. There are all sorts of warnings on Friday the thirteenth, but it actually has more to do with the number thirteen than a Friday. Ah, and this isn’t even Friday!

If you happen to be in a Jason movie then I suppose it is a bad Friday the 13th. However that said, any day you meet up with a character like Jason it’s likely to be a bad day. Besides Jason, you might want to avoid a building with a 13th floor, which most do not have even if they are taller than 13 floors. Ships will not sail if they have 13 crew members, including the Captain. It’s not a good idea to walk under a ladder today either. Naturally, it’s never a good idea to walk under a ladder anyway.

If, however, you come from the Mayan culture 13 is considered a lucky number. It was honored in their society so a Friday the 13th was the best day ever! But, I am not sure they knew what a Friday was… they probably had a different name for it.

In reality, Friday the 13th is just another day. We normally make our own bad luck if we suffer a bad luck day. The problem is that if you are looking for trouble, you will find it when you normally might walk right by it without even noticing it.

How to celebrate – If you are so inclined, stay in bed today. Have a nice day. Make up your own superstition.

May 11th Twilight Zone Day

One of the first scary television shows to ever air was Rod Serling’s, the Twilight Zone. The first show aired on October 1st, 1959 and ran through 1964. It seemed as though it ran forever, being one of the most popular shows ever to be produced. Even today, children far too young to have even seen the first episodes seem to know about the show.


It ran features where normal looking people were considered ugly and were operated on to be made look normal, like those in the photo above. Somehow Serling was able to make these shows look and feel real. Serling was the creator of the show, writer and the narrator introducing each episode in his spooky, mysterious way.

download (1)

Perhaps one of the scariest shows was Nightmare at 20,000 feet… where a young William Shattner saw a gremlin on the wing of the airplane he was flying as a passenger in. No one else could see the gremlin as it began to chew on the wing, ripping away the materials holding it together. Of course those on board felt Shattner was insane and actually restrained him. I can’t remember whether the plane crashed or not but it certainly made me look at the wings of any plane I was on for years afterwards.


Then came the ill fated Twilight Zone movie which actually seemed to fall into a twilight zone of it’s own. Actors died trying to recreate the magic Serling had originally created and the movie never took off as it should have. Beyond the tragedy, the movie done in color could not recreate the black and white effect either.

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The opening whirling spiral captivated audiences and became the trademark opening for the show. Even today, a spinning, black and white spiral takes those of us back to when the show first came out.

How to celebrate – Find reruns of the Twilight Zone to watch. Look up the list of later famous actors that appeared in the Twilight zone episodes. Watch a copy of the Twilight Zone movie.