June 25th Log Cabin Day

It’s only 6 months until Christmas! Not that this fact has anything to do with log cabins but I thought you might like to know. Log Cabins have been a part of our history since our history began. People have to have a place to live and when they first came to the US the main resource to build homes out of was, wood. Instead of cutting the wood into planks, they just used the entire tree! It was logical, the settlers were primarily in the northern states and a home owners was more concerned with keeping warm than enjoying a cool breeze. Today was created by “The Log Cabin Society”, formed by Virginia Handy, and the “Bad Axe Historical Society” on June 25th, 1986.

How to celebrate – Build your own log cabin. Vacation in a log cabin. Buy some Lincoln Logs and make a miniature log cabin of your own.

December 3rd National Roof Over Your Head Day

Most of us are lucky enough to have a roof over our heads. Some are not that lucky. Imagine, if you will, having to suffer through it raining, or snowing, or constantly getting beaten down by the sun. When the wind blows there is no place to go to get out of it and nothing to keep random animals from invading your privacy. Really, without a roof over your head there is little you can say is yours. It’s out in the open where anyone can take what you own and make it theirs. Even when there are no walls the roof tends to make people realize that what is underneath it belongs to someone. So be thankful there is a roof over your head, even if it leaks. It’s better than not having one at all!

How to celebrate – Check your roof and make sure it does not need repair. Help provide a roof for someone else. Be thankful you have a roof, which makes your home, a home.

November 23rd National Adoption Day

We celebrate, and challenge, you to adopt someone new into your family. It is an important day to think about and maybe even act on. There are thousands of children that have no home to go to. Can you imagine having no place to go or to have no one care about what you do? It’s bad enough for adults but for children it’s even worse. Today always falls on the Saturday before Thanksgiving, maybe in the hopes that you will set a new place at your Thanksgiving table for someone who has no place to go. Since it’s followed by Christmas, why not let them stay over? You might just find out that the biggest reward is not in what you offer, but what you receive.

How to celebrate – Consider adoption. Make someone’s life better. Look for the good in people.

January 26th National Spouse’s Day

Today is the day we celebrate our better half. You know, the one that puts up with everything we do wrong and hopefully still loves us the same for it. No one seems to know who created the day but I have a feeling it was someone in the dog house who wanted to find a great way of redeeming themselves. It also warms us up for Valentine’s Day.


From the moment you say I do you instantly begin saying… I should have, I won’t do it again, I’m sorry… and a lot of other things that you know you should have done differently, but for some unknown reason you didn’t.  But in the name of love, you put up with it and carry on, sometimes when you don’t even know what it is that you did that you shouldn’t have done.


None of us is perfect, we all make mistakes that we regret and need forgiveness from. The difference is, a spouse generally forgives us when others would not (though admittedly that is not always the case). We try to recognize our faults and correct them where we can, or learn to live with them if we can’t.


The main thing to remember is, that you love them, and life would be very difficult to live without them. Today goes deeper than a box of candy or a vase of flowers, today is a day of understanding someone’s faults and saying, they are still worth my effort to forgive them.

How to celebrate – Do something nice for your spouse. Write out a list of those things you have to be grateful to your spouse for. Think of the other person in your relationship before you think about yourself.

October 4th Festival of Sukkot

Today begins the Festival of Sukkot, a temporary shelter built by the Jews in their 40 years in the dessert. It was a place to eat and sleep, providing little else, but it is celebrated for having something above the idea of nothing. (There wasn’t a lot to choose from in the dessert.)


It is also known as the Feast of the Tabernacles as each temporary home became a Holy place. It is celebrated different days of the year but this year falls on the 4th of October. The first two days of the celebration there is not supposed to be any work down. (But didn’t it take work to put the shelter up?) Well, what’s work for ne is a joy for another.


The holiday is associated with the American Thanksgiving. I am not sure, other than the food part, what is similar but it’s okay… just another reason to celebrate! I personally cannot imagine wandering through the dessert for forty years but I assume it was the freedom they enjoyed.


Really, if you think about it, we should really celebrate every day we are given because it is truly a gift. We far too often find the things that are wrong instead of the things that are right. Life is not easy but it we who make it harder than it has to be.


With so many different religions in the world we probably can find a reason to celebrate every day. (Unless, of course, your celebration includes blowing up other people) I may not know what it is you are celebrating or understand why you are celebrating it but I will celebrate it with you! The more joy we can bring to life the more life means to us all.

How to celebrate – Build a Sukkot in your backyard. Invite a few friends (or a lot) over to celebrate with you. And remember, my Sukkot is your Sukkot.