July 12th National Pecan Pie Day

Almost as popular and American as apple pie, the pecan pie ranks high among treats enjoyed for the holidays, and every day. This traditionally southern dessert has even become popular in the north, east, west and Europe!


My research did not divulge who invented the pecan pie. I did not spend hours looking it up because it was making me hungry. It has been around for as long as I can remember… and that’s long enough.


Hopefully you can read the recipe above. If you can’t, there are tons of recipes to choose from. One of the more popular these days is combining regular pecan pie with chocolate. It is good, but, to me, not as good as the original. It’s always hard to top something that is already about as good as it can get.


We’ve even miniaturized the pecan pie so that it can be enjoyed as a between meal snack or be served at parties. Of course, most of us eat enough of them to make up for an entire piece of pie… or two. They seem less fattening when they are so small.

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Well I love pecan pie. You may not, it’s okay… I’ll eat your piece. A little whipped cram on the top is nice. And you don’t have to wait for a holiday to come to enjoy a piece of pecan pie because like whoever invented this day… you can make up one of your own!

How to celebrate – Have a piece of pecan pie! See if you can improve the recipes, but I doubt that you can. Go nuts!


May 6th National Tourist Appreciation Day

Though we all often get frustrated with tourist, the way they drive, the slowness in line, the constantly looking for things they have no idea where they are… those of us that live in tourism areas really need to learn to appreciate them for what they bring… money!

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We also have to realize that they are spending their money to come where we are. So to be rude to them is just wrong.  We want to be treated nicely when we go on vacation so we need to understand they would like the same thing in return. So a little inderstanding goes a long way!

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They also bring us humor. We should not point and laugh so… just laugh. Who knows, they may come from Siberia and get very little chance to get out in the sun. It’s not their fault. Those of us that live in warm climates do not probably fit in all that well in the cold. Sure we have better tans and where there is sun you are more likely to show off a little more skin, but even a whale looks out of place on land. Oops, did I really say that!?!

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And the same goes with animals. Who’s to know that the squirrel in your backyard didn’t travel thousands of miles to get there!?! Birds fly south for the winter and visit, then go back north for the summer and visit. Who is to say other animals can’t do the same! So if an animal looks lost, go see if you can give it directions… unless it’s a bear in which case, stay away, they can be unbearable!

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So here’s a big “thank you” to all the tourist than come, and go, from where ever you live. Understand they are there to have a good time and are generally paying very costly prices for that honor.

How to celebrate – Thank a tourist when you get a chance. When you go on vacation, remember all the things tourist do that you do not like and then avoid them. Pretend like you are a tourist even when you live where the tourist go.

March 26th make Up Your Own Holiday Day

There are very few things we can do today that haven’t been done, or celebrated, before. I mean, if you think about it, what holiday are you aware of that you haven’t already heard of (give it a minute, it will hit you)? Well today is the day you can create your own holiday!


It needs to be something original, and generally speaking something someone else will want to celebrate with you. You need to pick out a date that relates to what you are celebrating somehow. Like you can’t create St. Patrick’s day in June. Well, you could but probably everyone will think you are crazy! You can’t even create this day because Wellness Permission League already did!


We at Unboxing the Bizarre did create a national day… National Mason Jar Day. We celebrate on November 30th because that was the day that John Landis Mason’s patent was filed.


So create a day others will want to share with you… like John Smith Day or Betty Jones Day.  If you can think of a good enough reason that your birthday should be celebrated, maybe you can get hundreds, or thousands, or at least one other person, celebrating with you! And once you’ve got it started, it will live forever!

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How to celebrate – Create your own holiday. Make sure the day will be of some value to others. Create a song to go along with your holiday.

January 6th Feast of the Epiphany – Three Kings Day

Today is the Feast of the Epiphany, the day the Three Kings (Or wise men) actually found Jesus in Bethlehem. Once again, the actual dates are not known for sure but it was twelve days after Jesus was born that the Wise Men found him. They were Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar.

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They had followed the star until reaching the manger where Jesus rest. They brought gold, frankincense, and myrrh as gifts for the Son of God. As such, many Christians do not give their gifts to their children until the 6th of January, the day Jesus received his gifts of the Magi.

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Of course most children would drive their parents insane these days waiting that long and at least in my house by then, the cats would have ripped open every gift under the tree. Oh, and if you have a real Christmas tree it might be a little droopy by the 6th.


However, Christmas is really short anyway so if you like extending it for as long as you can, you can justify holding out to the 6th. All joking aside, these are the days Christians cherish, and should. To think that the birth of Jesus is all about just one day is to not truly understand what we worship.


How to celebrate – If you can, keep your lights up until the 6th so that Wise Men might find you! Give gifts on the 6th to keep the holiday traditions. Never stop seeking the Lord (for many of us that is Jesus).

December 26th National Boxing Day

Today is Boxing Day. For years I thought it was a day that people got rid of all the boxes of stuff they got during Christmas day. I was wrong. It always falls of the first weekday after Christmas. Today it is easy because it is a Tuesday, but if Christmas falls on Friday, Boxing Day will come on the following Monday.


It’s also not the day the reindeer beat up Santa for his abuse on Christmas Eve (Though they may well be within their rights!). In fact, it has nothing to do with the sport of boxing either. Celebrated in England, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and any of the British Commonwealth, this traditionally is a European holiday.


It started in the Middle Ages when the nobility would reward their servants and those that served them with a box full of gifts, normally of food and fruit. It was a way of giving back for what had been done for those more affluent. It is also known as St. Stephens Day.


We at Unboxing the Bizarre welcome all unusual holidays, as well as those that are widely recognized. Life is worth celebrating, everyday, for some reason or the other. We try to show you different reasons to celebrate though you really should celebrate every day anyway. We owe each other to find happiness, we owe each other to find love, when we accomplish that then we can truly celebrate the future and the lives we live and com in contact with.


How to celebrate – Celebrate something every day! Create days to celebrate in your own lives. Take a box of food and fruit, and clothing or anything else you can give to someone in need.

December 19th Look for an Evergreen Day

If you haven’t found your Christmas tree by now, today is the day to do it! (it’s getting a little late). Remember you still have to set it up, decorate it, and still have time to enjoy it! So get busy!


Now if you don’t know what you are looking for above is a little guide you may want to pay attention to. I think perhaps the most important part may be the shaking of the tree before putting it in your house…Unless you want a Griswold Christmas, and you don’t, make sure the tree does not have any critters living in it.


The short needle trees work the best but over the years firs, spruce, and pine trees have been used as Christmas trees. You must remember that whatever tree you select, it is giving it’s all. It is a sacrifice so that you may enjoy the season. So respect your tree (and all trees for that matter).


And in a shameless plug for myself… get a copy of my Christian Fantasy eBook, “Why The Evergreens Stay Green“! It’s only 99 cents and available on Amazon or any e-book format you prefer. It makes for a great Christmas read. It’s short and maybe can even become a tradition reading it to your children by the Christmas tree on Christmas Eve.


So enjoy your Christmas, your Christmas tree, and your Family during the season. That’s what life is all about.

How to celebrate – Go get your Christmas tree! Make sure to provide water for any real tree you select. Read a copy of “Why The Evergreens Stay Green“.

December 6th Saint Nicholas Day

Whenever somebody tells me that Santa isn’t really I  remind them that he was. No, not exactly as we portray him today, but he was real. Like nearly every other legend in history, we tend to make them bigger than they really were and we have sort of done the same thing with St. Nick.


St. Nicholas started out Priest in Greece several hundred years after Jesus was placed on the cross. He eventually became a Bishop in the Catholic Church. Of course a great deal of a Bishops wardrobe is lined with red so red became a Christmas color. (The other color is black, not exactly festive) He did hand out presents to people during his life, children were among his favorite.


Legend has it that he is responsible for the Christmas stocking as well. One day he was throwing out coins to the poor and some ended up in a child’s shoe or stocking (There is some question about which it was) Since then, children would hang stocking in hopes that St, Nicholas would fill them up.


St. Nicholas died in either 345 or 352 A.D. but his tradition,and legend, continued on. In the 1800’s he became Santa Claus in the eyes of Americans. Originally St. Nicholas was pretty skinny too, we Americans fattened him up.

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So the next time someone tells you Santa isn’t real, tell them the truth. You can leave out the part about the North Pole and flying through the sky on Christmas Eve, that really isn’t important and who knows, now that Nicholas is a Saint, maybe he really can fly!

How to celebrate – Let some legends live on. Study the real history of Saint Nicholas. Let the magic of Christmas lead you to a more joyful and meaningful holiday.