December 8th Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day

Today you can pretend to be a time traveler. Well you have to pretend because time travel isn’t possible… at least yet. The idea of time travel isn’t anything new. It first appears in Hindu mythology followed up by a mention in the Talmud in Japan. Even Charles Dickens used the idea of time travel in “A Christmas Carol”. The spirits of Christmas past, present and future involved the idea of traveling back, and forward, in time to see where Scrooge had been and where he would wind up if he did not change his ways. It did not win a day of its own until 2007 via the Koala Wallop Online Community.

Perhaps you could travel back in time and become a Knight, fighting dragons and rescuing fair maidens all over the land. Or maybe you could be one of the fair maidens!

Or maybe you could be at the birth of our nation, rowing George Washington to his victory at Trenton. Of course, you’d have to be careful not to change anything around you because it could change history itself! Maybe you could be one of Washington’s female spies, but you’d have to be careful not to divulge anything that might actually alter time with information you found out.

And then there is the Civil War era where you could be a General in charge of an army. You could fight only those battles that you knew your side won because you read the history of the conflict. Of course, that might change the past as well.

And if you are going to travel in time you can go forward as well and back. With the way we are treating the earth we may need to find another planet to live on. If you travel forward in time you could find a planet that could house us all and the savior of mankind. But you’ll have to wait until we figure out how to travel in time. To bad you can’t go forward in time to see if we ever figure it out!

How to celebrate – Imagine living in your favorite era. Imagine the good, and the bad, because not everything will be perfect. Read a book about traveling in time. The odd thing about that is that a lot of the books written in the past about time travel have actually seen a lot of what they envisioned come true. Watch one of the many movies or television shows about time travel.

October 9th Curious Events Day

Our lives are filled with things that make us go, hmm…… Living in Florida one of the more curious events that happens is when it rains in the front yard but the sun is shining in the back yard. It happens more often then you might think. Curious does not always have to mean bad, in fact it doesn’t mean bad at all. A rainbow is a curious thing, a mirage caused by heat or even how a tornado wipes out one house but doesn’t even touch the one next door.

How to celebrate – Ponder those things that are curious in your neighborhood. Make a list of things you just can’t explain. Read about curious events in history.

September 25th Native American Day

The first people in what has now become the United States were the Native Americans. At the time they were called Indians because the Europeans had believed they had landed on the coast of India. Most, at first, were friendly towards the Europeans or at least left them alone but they soon found themselves at war with the settlers. In fact it was the French that taught the Native Americans to take scalps. Native American bent, bowed and did everything they could to work wit the Europeans but in the end they were not able to. We all share the shame for not honoring those who were truly meant to be here. The fourth Friday of September was chosen to honor the Native American back in 1939 by Governor Cutbert Olsen of California. it grew nationally, boosted by then Governor Ronald Reagan of California in 1968.

How to celebrate – Realize what was taken from the Native Americans. Visit a Native American tribal celebration. Check and see if you have any Native American blood in your family tree.

September 2nd VJ Day WWII

There are three dates that mark the end of World War 2 with the surrender of Japan. The first is August 14th, 1945 when Japan sent a cable to the US stating their intention to surrender. August 15th, when the US accepted the surrender of Japan and then September 2nd when the formal surrender of Japan occurred on the deck of the USS Missouri on September 2nd. With the surrender of Japan World War 2 officially came to an end, Germany having surrendered earlier in the year. The world’s most horrific war had come to an end though it would, in some case, take years to get all troops to stop fighting as they had not received word of the surrender themselves.

How to celebrate – Read about World War 2. Learn why it was so difficult for Japan to surrender. Discover who was a part of the Allies, and who was a part of the Axis.

July 26th All Or Nothing Day

While we all strive to be more and more politically correct and sensitive to each other we must also remember that when we begin to exclude parts of history we then exclude all of history. If we are to forget those moments of history we do not like to remember we also forget those who brought us out of those dark moments. This is the theory of All or Nothing. You can tear down statues of General Lee, “Stonewall” Jackson and all reminders of the Confederacy… but then we lose the importance of Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglas and the 54th Massachusetts. To remember heroes you must remember what made them heroes, to disregard it is to forget those deeds done by people to change it.

How to celebrate – Don’t disregard history just because you didn’t like it. Choose to remember, not forget. You cannot have a hero without first having a villain.

February 26th National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

February 26th National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

Fairy Tales have been a part of most of our lives, either told to us by our parents or on tv. They are stories meant to teach us valuable lessons. They teach us about heroes and villains and what makes each of them who they are. They are stories handed down over the ages and honestly, the meaning doesn’t vary all that much even though the times do. Some of the Fairy Tales even defeat themselves as in the Grimm Brothers Fairy Tales which were meant to scare children. Because the brothers did not like children!

How to celebrate – Tell your child a fairy tale. Create your own fairy tale. Make a list of all the Fairy Tales you can remember without looking them up.

November 19th Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address

Today is the day that Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg Address to dedicate a national cemetery to those men who died in early July, both defending their country and trying to save a way of life. You can pick your side, both had their merits, both had their faults. It seems like there is a lot today that we want to try to forget, or erase from history but the truth is, history has brought us to where we are today, good or bad. And that’s what Lincoln was trying to say. Often it takes terrible things happening to teach us lessons we needed to learn, if we block them out like they never existed, then we have not learned the lesson history offers. Four score and seven years earlier our forefathers created the land Lincoln knew. It wasn’t perfect but it was better than most places and because we did learn our lessons we have made it all that better since. Don’t forget history because it is likely to repeat itself because of our ignorance.

How to celebrate – Read all of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. Study the causes of the Civil War.

September 13th Uncle Sam Day

Uncle Sam apparently comes from what soldiers in 1813 called Sam Wilson when he delivered the meat to their camps around Troy, New York. They were so happy to see him that he became their favorite Uncle! In 1961, Congress declared a resolution creating a celebration for Uncle Sam and Troy, New York. This resolution became official in 1989 declaring Septemeber 13th “Uncle Sam” Wilson day, apparently Sam Wilson’s birthday in 1776. No one seems to know if Uncle Sam and Sam Wilson looked like each other.

How to celebrate – Visit Troy, New York. Read about the War of 1812. See if you have any uncles that look like Sam.

September 1st Emma M. Nutt Day

Remember Lily Tomlin’s telephone lady on Saturday Night Live? Well, she was probably based on the first ever female telephone operator, Emma M. Nutt. Her work began on September 1st, 1878 and she continued to operate (Pun intended) for the next 33 years. I am sure it was a wonder when she first started but after 33 years I am pretty sure she was glad to be rid of all those wires and not having to be pleasant constantly to all the rude people she had to speak to. I wonder, however, how many secret phone calls she had the opportunity to listen into! Not that she ever did.

How to celebrate – Visit a telephone museum. Call an operator just for fun. Watch Lily Tomlin’s telephone character on youtube.

May 18th International Museum Day

May 18th International Museum Day

Museums remind of us of where we have been, and possibly show us where we are going as well. Things we just can’t live without today had to come from somewhere and generally those proto-types can be found in museums all over the world.  Of course, museums also teach us about animals and nature as well. This day was created in 1977 by the International Council of Museums.

How to celebrate – Visit a museum. Look for all the antiques in your house.  Donate historical items you no longer want to a museum so that others can enjoy them.