July 22nd Dog Days of Summer

July 22nd Dog Days of Summer

The Dog Days of summer last from July 22nd to September 22nd when heat, drought, thunderstorms, lethargy, mad dogs and bad luck abound. Let’s face it, it’s hot, even in places we normally think of as cool. For the next month we all have to suffer through these days, making the best of it in whatever way we can. With the invention of air conditioning, life has improved through the dog days, but still you need to take care when outside. Remember the sunscreen!

How to celebrate – Stay cool! Eat foods that help you body remain cool. Drink plenty of liquids.

July 11th National Swimming Pool Day

July 11th National Swimming Pool Day

With summer here the best way to spend the day is in a swimming pool. It is a way to get some sunshine while staying cool at the same time. Swimming is great exercise and one of the few sports you can do while not sweating! Remember safety, always swim with someone else present, and never swim during a thunderstorm. Also make sure the pool has water in it and the chemicals required to keep it safe. Public pools may be a little out of fashion this year but many are open so make sure you keep your social distancing in-tact.

How to celebrate – Throw a pool party (provided you have a pool – or get a kiddie pool). Set up an above ground pool for the summer. Buy a new bathing suit. Go to a water park.

May 9th Sun Awareness Day

May 9th Sun Awareness Day

Ah, if you weren’t aware of it… the sun is over your head during the day. Become aware of it! That thing that shines and makes it hot is the sun! Actually sun awareness day is about becoming educated on what the sun can do for you and do to you. The sun can be rewarding, and it can also be dangerous. If you keep yourself aware of the sun and its benefits you can make life all that much better, but when you forget about it you can pay the price for your ignorance.

How to celebrate – Don’t forget your sunscreen. Remember hats and caps to shade your face. Get some vitamin D!

December 16th National Chocolate Covered Anything Day

You can get almost anything covered in chocolate these days and what you have never seen covered in chocolate, you can cover in chocolate today. Want to get your kids to eat their veggies? Cover them in chocolate. Don’t like taking those horse vitamins? Cover them in chocolate. Of course, if you are allergic to chocolate this may not work too well.


Back in my day, a million years ago, you could really only get raisins and huts covered in chocolate. Today, you can get chocolate covered in chocolate! I’m not really sure how good that is for you but you can still get it done for you.


One of the latest trends is to get stuff that is hot covered in chocolate so you get the sweet and the heat at the same time. I’m not sure I get that but if you do, that’s okay! In fact, many feel the hotter the better. I guess the chocolate maybe cools you’re mouth down.

images (4)

They even cover things that could be dangerous for you to eat in chocolate and pass it off as being okay. Yes, they cook things like scorpions so that they lose the venom but, who wanted to eat a scorpion in the first place!?! If you want to eat chocolate, just eat chocolate! Why do you feel the need to cover it in chocolate to make it taste better? If you wouldn’t eat it in the first place why cover it in chocolate to eat it?


Oh well, people will be people so go ahead and cover whatever it is you choose to eat in chocolate, you’ll make the chocolate industry very, very happy!

How to celebrate – Cover your entire dinner tonight in chocolate. Remember, if you can pick it up you can dip it! Learn about all the different types of chocolate.

July 4th Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

July 4th Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

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Yes, the summer is so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Not exactly sure why you would want to but… okay. I think the point is, it’s hot. Never mind it is the 4th of July and our nations birthday, the important thing is… can you fry that egg and how long will it take.


Then, who is going to eat it? Not me! It will probably have a lot of ash in it from the fireworks you have missed since you were looking down instead of up!


How to celebrate – Get some eggs. Crack them on the sidewalk to cook. Enjoy.