January 15th National Hat Day

Not to be confused with all the other hats days, today is National Hat Day. I am not sure what makes it different but…. who cares!?! History shows that the first Top Hat ever worn was worn by James Heatherington from London, England. We know this because in 1797, when he wore it, he caused a riot. He was fined for being a menace to society and allowed to go, we assume still wearing his Top Hat.


The main purpose these days of wearing a hat is to show off your style, or lack thereof. There was a time when men would not leave the house without a hat on and women were frowned upon when they did not wear a hat. But those days have come and gone. Now a hat is just an extra accessory for style or flare.


In the Old West, large brimmed hats were worn to keep the sun out of the eyes as men and women worked outside. It also kept the face from burning. Oddly enough, a hat in winter is very important not only because your head is where most of the heat leaves your body, but because sunlight reflecting off the snow often leaves a nasty sunburn. Soldiers also wore hats even though back in the day they offered little protection, but it did keep the sun out of a shooters eyes so they could aim better.


Helmets these days do provide a great deal of protection, not only for soldiers, but sports players, construction builders, and motorcyclists. Even Storm Troopers and Darth Vader wear helmets!


So whatever your reason for wearing a hat is, today is your time to show it off. Show your fashion, your sport, or what you do for work, by proudly wearing something on your head.

How to celebrate – Pick out your favorite hat and wear it today. Start a hat wearing club and pick today, and other days, to wear your hat! Take a count of how many hats you see worn today.