December 22nd Channukah

This year, the celebration of the Festival of Lights, begins today. It is a celebration of a flask of oil that should have lasted at best a day and kept the fires burning for eight days. It was freedom for the Jews from Greek persecution in 167 B.C.. The Macabees led the way for their people in this revolution and though the dates changes yearly it is a celebration of joy and wonder. It is also spelled in many different ways, in America perhaps best recognized as Hanukkah. it is celebrated by the lighting of a menorah in symbolic representation of the oil that burnt for 8 days. Generally gifts are given each of the 8 days. These eight days are filled with joy, peace and love for family, friends and faith.

How to celebrate – Celebrate Channukah in faith or tolerance. Allow others to keep their faith in order that you may keep yours. Find your own peace, love and joy.

December 21st Humbug Day

For anyone who has gone shopping on Black Friday, this is your day to celebrate! Characters like Scrooge, the Grinch and the Abominable Snowman love this holiday. It’s the day to celebrate all that is wrong with Christmas, Hanukkah and any other religiously based holiday.


The holiday was actually created on the Seinfeld show with the alternative holiday becoming Festivus. Festivus is a holiday where you don’t anything. Instead of a Christmas tree you use a plain aluminum pole, not decorated of course, tell everyone about your grievances and end the day with a Festivus dinner of whatever you might normally have if it wasn’t a holiday.


Christmas is often a difficult time to get through. There are many people who have regrets and are sad about something. The holidays seem to increase their awareness of all they have to be sad about instead of what they have to be happy about. While I completely understand and sympathize with their plight, it is so much easier to find things to be sad about over finding things there are to be happy about.


So I suggest that instead of look at all the negatives, look for the positives. Look for all that you do have over the things that you don’t have and  if all that fails, remember the real reason for the season, regardless of what religion you celebrate. If none of that works…


…celebrate Humbug Day.

How to celebrate – Don’t enjoy any of the Christmas lights or decoration you see. Don’t have a family dinner with all the trimmings. Return any gifts you get whether you like them or not.