February 25th National Pistol Patent Day

February 25th National Pistol Patent Day

We celebrate the pistol patent today and Samuel Colt who sort of made the patent in Europe in 1835 and the US in 1836. It is patent #138. This is somewhat confusing to me however. Colt invented the revolver, not the pistol. By definition, the revolver is a weapon that contains a cylinder that revolves around the hammer, a pistol is an automatic, or semi-automatic where the ammo is delivered by a clip. But then, does it really matter? Let’s all call it a side arm and everyone can agree.

How to celebrate – Learn to fire a pistol/revolver. Learn weapon safety. Read about Samuel Colt’s life.

February 24th Pistol Patent Day

Today is Pistol Patent Day. it is based on the day that Samuel Colt got his U.S. patent on his revolver in the United States in 1836. He had already obtained the patent in Europe in 1835. The patent # is 138.

All that said, as I understand it, a pistol today is considered an automatic, or semi-automatic weapon. Like the famed Colt 45, so a pistol is technically not what Colt invented. he invented a revolver that does not fire automatically by pulling the trigger, rather is has a chamber that revolves around the firing pin.

I don’t know that really matters. I think maybe it should be called hand gun day instead of pistol day because an old flintlock was neither automatic nor a revolver and yet it was called a pistol. But, today is the day we celebrate them… whatever they technically are.

How to celebrate – If you own a hand gun, go target practice. Make sure you have a lock on your pistol to keep it safe. Read about the history of the pistol.

February 25th Pistol Patent Day


Pistol Patent Day


Feb 25th falls on the day the patent for Samuel Colts revolver (patent #138) was awarded in 1836 in the US. Ironically it was awarded in Europe first in 1835. The pistol has proven itself to be a good and bad invention for the world.


It helped win the West and saved many during war, but it also has become a weapon of choice by robbers, thieves, and thugs. Remember it is not the gun that kills, it is the person behind the gun that pulls the trigger.



How to celebrate – Study the evolution of handguns. Take the day to clean any pistol you may own. Make sure you have properly locked up any pistol you may own.