February 7th Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

I use to live in a neighborhood where everybody walked their dogs with their heads down, looking at the sidewalk and trying to ignore who might be around them. I now live in a neighborhood where everybody waves at each other and maybe even says hello to each other. What a difference.


American neighborhoods over the years have been the iconic place to raise a family. A place where everybody knows each other, cares about each other, and actually is happy to see each other. It’s the way it was, but not so much anymore. People are almost afraid to get to know their neighbors because they might ask something of them sometime, or expect to treat others and be treated by others, more like family.


Remember how neighbors use to build houses for each other, watch over each others kids, and throw block parties where everyone is allowed to come. The fun thing is, it all probably started with a friendly wave and a smile with the occasional hello thrown in just for good measure.


A community is more than the house you live in, it’s more than the car your neighbor drives, or the gardens they grow their vegetables in. It’s a place where people liveand living is a lot more than just burying your head in the sand and letting everything pass you by.

How to celebrate – Give a wave, nod or hello to your neighbors today. Throw a neighborhood party. Find something you have in common with others in your neighborhood.


November 21st World Hello Day

The idea behind World Hello Day is that if you are saying “Hello” to someone you won’t be fighting them. World Peace is the goal. It was begun in 1973 by Brian and Michael McCormack during the war between Egypt and Israel.

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Of course, it might help to learn how to say hello in what ever language is native to the country you are in at the time, other wise you might not know exactly what you are saying to them. It makes sense. If you are friendly enough to say hello to someone it is likely they will say hello in return. If you are busy greeting each other and getting to know each other, it is unlikely you are going to try and harm them or they you.

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The days requests that you say hello to at least ten people. I am assuming here they mean ten people you don’t already know since large family group could easily accomplish that in ten minutes. That said, I know some families who haven’t said hello to each other in years.

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It really isn’t all that hard to do. Just say hello and maybe you’ll get a hello in return. You’ll feel better for it and so will the recipient. Obviously when someone feels better about themselves they are not as likely to want to hurt someone else.

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And if you feel intimidated by saying hello, you can give a wave, it means the same thing. Just make sure you aren’t holding a gun or knife in the hand you are waving with!

How to celebrate – Say hello to ten people. (Animals don’t count) Smile when you say hello, it makes it warmer and more genuine. If someone says hello to you first, it doesn’t count on your saying hello, you must initiate it yourself.