June 2nd – National Bubba Day

Well if you like nicknames today ought to be one of your favorites, it’s National Bubba Day!. We almost all think of Bubba as some country boy, maybe a farmer, not as smart as the log he sits on. In truth, the only actual language that includes Bubba as an official title is Yiddish… it means ‘grandmother’. Sort of changes your image, doesn’t it!?! We probably use Bubba as a short for buddy, though it’s not any shorter. Sort of makes you wonder about characters such as Bubba Smith, the professional football defensive tackle who was once the terror of all quarterbacks! If they only knew he was named after a grandmother!

How to celebrate – Start calling your grandmother ‘Bubba”. Think twice about anyone you give the nickname Bubba to. Try to remember all the Bubba’s you’ve met in your life.

May 14th Mother’s Day

Where would we be without our mothers? Well, nowhere because we wouldn’t even exist but I don’t think that’s the point. This is  the day to honor your mother, show her you are grateful for all that she has given you over the years. If you are lucky enough to still have your mother, make sure you do something for her before she is gone.

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There will never be enough days in a lifetime to repay a mother what she is due.  Of course that isn’t why she does it, not for the thanks or the gifts we give her because she’s a mother. We could give her the world and it still wouldn’t be worth what she has given us, life.


And it never seems to end. When they become a grandmother they continue to give selflessly. You can always tell it’s not just because of duty, there is something more. Something that only someone who has been a mother can know. As a grandmother they add their years of experience, having learned more than any book can teach.


And if you are very, very lucky you may even have a few years with your great grandmother many of whom first arrived in America to start your family here. Mother’s Day was started when Anna Jarvis of the St. Andrews  Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia in 1908 decided to celebrate her mother who had treated Civil War veterans as well as raised her family. They applied to Congress to officially recognize the day but Congress denied it because if they made a Mother’s Day, they would also have to make a Mother-In-Law Day, something no one wanted to do. But in 1914 Woodrow Wilson did recognize the day and made it a part of America’s celebration. It is always the 2nd Sunday in May.


Mother’s Day is not just celebrated in America however, more than 40 countries world wide celebrate the day as well. (Of course it’s not on the same day we celebrate it here.) Guess they have mothers there too!

How to celebrate – Make sure your mother knows how much you appreciate them today. Say a prayer for your mother, whether she is here or passed, for all the prayers she has said for you. Realize this is more than just one day, it should be every day, for as long as you live.