September 28th Ghost Hunting Day

Sept. 28th National Ghost Hunting Day

You might think this would fall better in October when the spirits are a little more active but in all honesty if there are spirits around, they are always there. This day always falls on the last Saturday of September, getting us ready for Halloween. Scarefest starts with a shot-gun blast in Lexington, Kentucky sometime after dark. Lets hope that the shot-gun blast doesn’t add to the ghosts we are hunting. Make sure you want to find what you are looking for if you find it because in the case of a ghost, it might be a little hard to get rid of.

How to celebrate – Visit Lexington, Kentucky. Look for good ghost locations near you. Learn about the ghosts near your home, make sure you want to seek them out.

May 23rd Lucky Penny Day

There is no doubt that the penny is not worth what it use to be. In fact, many countries have parted ways with the penny altogether. Still, here in the US, if you find one on heads it means good luck will follow you. Remember you cannot spend it though, even if you could find something to spend it on. Should you find one on tails, leave it be because it means bad luck.  You could turn in over for the next person to find, but you are probably better off not touching it at all.


“See a penny, pick it up … all day long you’ll have good luck.”

Pennies have been with us in America since 1793. The originals were made of copper and were worth something!  They were often called a pence. If something cost 5 pence, it was five pennies, or a nickel.

Not only are pennies good luck symbols they also indicate ghosts!  As legend tells it, if a ghost wants you to know they are there they will leave pennies behind for you to find (remember the epic scene from the 1990 movie classic Ghost). If they want you to follow them, they will leave a trail of pennies for you to follow.

There’s another reason to look down for that penny, it could be worth a small fortune.


Most pennies were made in such volume that they are worth very little. Even the old Indian Head pennies are not worth all that much since millions of them were made. Some uncirculated coins are worth more than others. These coins have not been touched by human hands.  There is little chance you will find one of those laying out in the open on the ground, and if you just picked it up anyway, you’d ruin its value. There is one Indian Head penny worth more than $10,000.00, made in the year 1873.


“Wheat Back”, Lincoln Head pennies are still found in loose change from time to time. Most are worth a penny but there are a few exceptions. A 1922 plain Lincoln Head, “Wheat Back”, is worth about $650.00, but a 1909S-VDB is worth $750.00 or more. In 1943 due to World War 2, pennies were made of steel to save the copper for use in bullets. A steel penny is worth a little, but in 1944 a few steel pennies were circulated by mistake as the coins were once again made of copper. So a 1944 steel penny can be worth up to $75,000.00. Going back to 1943, a few pennies were made of bronze. These pennies are very rare and look basically like a copper penny but they are lighter in weight and are a little darker in color. The 1943 bronze penny is worth more than $100,000.00.


The 1943 copper penny is worth more than any other American coin. They were not to be released but some were, perhaps less than 50.  Find one of these and you will really have a lucky day with beginning auction prices starting at $200,000.00.

There are other coins to watch for as well. Coins that were run by mistake or had errors that no one caught before they were released to the public. Coins that were double struck, or minted with the wrong materials, or with the wrong size. Wrong Planchet pennies vary in value. Some pennies have actually be minted in silver as are obviously worth more than a plain copper penny.

How to celebrate: Keep your eyes down, looking at whatever is just waiting for you to pick up – at the very least, you’ll be a penny richer. Buy a book about coins; the book will probably cost you more than any value you ever find on the ground but it makes it more fun. Try leaving a trail of pennies on your own and see if anyone follows them. Look through your old pennies tucked away in that dresser drawer and see if you might be lucky!

May 3rd Paranormal Day

The term Paranormal (Meaning: Para- above or beyond and Normal – Ah, well, normal) has only been around since 1920.  Paranormal is the phenomena in pop culture, folklore and other non-scientific bodies of knowledge, whose existence within these contexts to lie beyond normal experience or scientific explanation.  This includes; ghosts, extraterrestrial life, UFO’s, psychic abilities,extrasensory perception and Cryptids (Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, werewolves, etc.).  Anthropologist George Frazer, in his book “The Golden Bough” explains the soul is a creature in an animated body.

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Come on, all that mumbo-jumbo trying to describe what we all know, it’s something that scares us! Most of us enjoy the scare, the adrenalin rush we get when we think we see, or hear, something that shouldn’t be there.  At first we want to run, to get away from what we can’t explain, but eventually we go back and find that normally there is some logical explanation.  But sometimes there isn’t.  Sometimes we find ourselves caught between what we can understand and what we can’t.

Are there ghosts, monsters, UFO’s in the world?  Maybe, it all depends on what you believe in.  Perhaps they are nothing but our imagination, coming alive in the right setting at the right time.  There are dozens of “Ghost” shows on television and they never seem to actually find a ghost.  They explain sounds that could be ghosts but they could also just be a house settling or the wind blowing through a crack in the wall that makes it sound like someone is speaking.  They may also be faking it because as we all saw when Geraldo finally got Capone’s vault open and there was nothing there, it was really, really boring.

I have gone out ghost hunting on numerous occasions and can honestly say I have never found evidence of anything “out of this world”.  I have had some experiences, however, when I was not expecting them that I can’t explain.  I have gone to a door and reached for the door knob only to back away when I saw dozens of hands floating unattached to anybody on the other side of the door. (It had a window in the door)  I did not hang around long enough to try and figure out some logical explanation.  In mere seconds I was a mile away from the location having broken the land speed record for humans.

I have searched the sky for UFO’s but never seen one.  And yet I had an Uncle in the service that received Federal reports that he could not talk about concerning them.  I have had powerful feelings that I was being watched when inside a house that was reportedly haunted.  I have had those feelings that I have been somewhere before when to my knowledge I knew I never had.


And I have had to rescue two women who were running on an old battlefield from a man they identified as a soldier from another era. I have seen photographs of people who should not have been in he picture at all.

Are these paranormal experiences?  I honestly don’t know, but it’s sort of fun to think they are.  I suspect if I knew for sure I wouldn’t care for it too much either way.

How to celebrate: Watch a scary movie, preferably with a friend.  Read a scary book.  Start your own “Tales From The Crypt” television show, it’s pretty easy… you don;t have to prove anything just suggest.