June 16th Fresh Veggies Day

Veggies are so good for you; normally fun to eat, and usually plentiful. The fresher they are the better they taste, the prettier they are to look at, and the better they smell when cooking. If they come from your own garden, all the better! A salad offering fresh vegetables is often a beautiful thing to see. The green, red, orange, and yellow colors offer a plate full of rainbows. Being summer, most vegetables are available. If you want them all year long you may want to take up canning while you can. Vegetables are art in its natural form, and they are good for you as well. That’s a win-win. If you don’t have your own garden there are plenty of you-pick farms and co-op gardens available.

How to celebrate – See how many vegetables to can name. (remembering vegetables such as tomatoes are actually considered a fruit). Start your own garden. Include fresh vegetables in all your meals.

June 6th National Gardening Exercise Day

June 6th National Gardening Exercise Day

Gardening is fun. It is also therapeutic, builds muscles, and helps burn calories. There are number of different gardens you can tend to… vegetable, flower, herb… and even rocks. You will need to plant your garden, weed it, water it, and enjoy it. It may help to talk or sing to your garden as well, although I am not sure it does a rock garden much good. You will need to determine what type of garden you want, and where you will want to place it. Besides plants, you will also need tools, clothing, hats, and water pails or hoses.

How to celebrate – Choose where you want your garden to go. Choose what type of garden you want. Plant your garden.

May 29th Learn About Composting Day

Here’s another real exciting day, learn about composting day. There are books upon books, one more exciting than the next about how to make and use compost. Need I say more!?! Actually, composting will help your gardens grow and help it retain moisture so if you are into gardening, this is a good read. Compost also helps keep the weeds away which generally try their best to overtake any garden ever planted. And it helps the environment as well. Compost is made up of vegetables and fruit you might otherwise throw away, along with paper, untreated wood and cardboard.

How to celebrate – Learn what to put into your compost. Make sure you put your compost away from where you live so you don’t have to smell it. Start a garden.

May 19th World Plant A Vegetable Garden Day

There are few things as rewarding as planting a garden and watching it grow. It’s sort of like having a child, except it grows faster and can’t give you hugs. There is just something about the feeling you get from watching a garden grow and you can actually reap rewards by eating what you grow and sharing it with others too. So you plant your garden hoping something will grow and then getting excited when those first few signs of life pop to the surface. We normally take pictures so we can share the growth with others, we feed it, water it and prune it… protect it bugs and animals and then… you eat it. There is something odd in all that. the day was created by Bob Matthews in 2019 of Rochester, NY.

How to celebrate – Plant your garden. Take pictures of your garden. Reap the rewards of your work.

March 12th Plant A Flower Day

With the weather getting better (I hope) it is time to think about those things that make our homes, and our world, a more beautiful place to live in. With the ground thawing out why not plant some flowers!?! They grow fairly quickly, they add color, and generally smell nice. Unless you get some kind of exotic flower they are generally pretty cheap to grow. Plants and flowers are like that fashion accessory to your outfit that adds just the right amount of zing. So why not add some zing to your yard, your window sill, or your patio. Leave the world a more beautiful place than you found it.

How to celebrate – Plant a flower. Plant a garden. Learn which of the many flowers available is your favorite.

July 7th Build A Scarecrow Day

Got a garden? It’s summer and most of us try to grow something. The birds love it! Naturally birds are not a friend to gardeners. (Nothing against birds, they got to eat too) But birds are sort of afraid of people so the idea is, get someone to stand in your garden all day long. Since that’s not very likely, a scarecrow is your best bet! It doesn’t take much, some old clothes, a little stuffing and your done. The idea is to make it look scary but more often than not they look funny and friendly. A scarecrow does not need to meet any standard either, it can look like the Scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz, the Tin Man or even Dorothy! And your building yourself a friend, someone you can talk to that will never disagree with you… at least I hope not. Build A Scarecrow Day always falls on the 1st Sunday in July.

How to celebrate – Build a scarecrow! Plant a garden so your scarecrow has a place to live! Watch the Wizard of Oz.

July 1st Build A Scarecrow Day

With summer being here we all have probably dug our gardens and are anxiously waiting for the plants to pop through the ground. The thing is, as soon as they begin to pop through the ground all sorts of creatures begin to arrive to take our gardens from us.

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There are two choices, either set up a cot and lay out there in the garden with your babies to protect them or, build something that looks like a person to stand guard when you can’t. Hence, the scarecrow is born. Your scarecrow doesn’t have to be dressed to the nine’s, in fact the more ragged it looks the better. If it looks like it would fight the animals for the food, they tend to stay away. (Therefore, do not make a fat scarecrow)


They can even be good-natured, even funny if you like. The animals probably won’t even notice the difference. If they do, maybe their laughter will notify you to take action. Of course, the smarter creatures will know your scarecrows aren’t real so if you can make them move, that ought to shock them. (No pun intended)

images (2)

Naturally I can mention scarecrows without resorting to the ultimate scarecrow from the Wizard of Oz. Hey! Maybe you could call your garden Oz and pretend your scarecrow is Ray Bolger! Your wife can be Dorothy and the husband the Tin Man. After all, hopefully your garden will be green! (Or you could go as the Wicked Witch and a Flying Monkey but then you would be teaching the creatures attacking your garden bad things)


If you are creative, maybe you can make an entire family of scarecrows. You can even leave them up because it’s only four months to Halloween. Yes, they may sort of look like ghosts but what’s scarier? Ghosts or a bunch of clothes on a stick?

How to celebrate – Have some fun, build a scarecrow. Enter one of many scarecrow building contests that take place this month. Build a patriotic scarecrow for the 4th of July.


June 13th National Weed Your Garden Day

Okay, so you planted you garden… flowers or veggies, whatever it doesn’t matter. The thing you will find grow fastest are the weeds. (No not that kind of weed) So, unless you want a garden of weeds you will need to weed it!

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I guess there are some pretty weeds. Maybe there are even a few that have uses (Though I doubt it) but they definitely will destroy whatever else you have planted. Isn’t it interesting that we call our new found friend “weed” and nickname it for something absolutely useless! Oh well.


Weeding your garden does have benifits. It is calming and relaxing if done right. That means don’t start weeding 2 months after you’ve planted your garden because you will lose that calming effect. You may be litterally lost in the weeds.

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It is also a great way to teach children about gardening and get them interested in planting their own sometime in the future. There is nothing that compares to watching a plant grow, something that you planted and cared for. It is somewhat like watching a child grow itself.

Collection of garden images – composting, cutting grass, watering,

So if you are responsible enough to plant a garden be repsonsible enough to weed it! You will also need to water it and keep animals out of it that might cause damage or even eat your newest friends.

How to celebrate – First, start by planting a garden! Next weed your garden. Make sure you know the difference between your plant and a weed.