July 8th Video Games Day

Some call today National Video Games Day, some call September 12th National Video Games Day. There are enough video games out there that more than one day to celebrate is probably good. I remember when video games first came out, they were simple and not very exciting, except that it was something new. Over the years, games have gotten more and more complex and even addicting. I must admit, I am a video game freak. I love the challenge until it gets way too hard and then frustration sets in. I absolutely love Red Dead by Rock Star games. It is amazing. Whether you like video games or not you have to admire the work done by some very smart people.

How to celebrate – Try a video game out. Look through all the choices, there has to be something there to interest you. Don’t get hooked, it’s easy to do.

April 13th Scrabble Day

Whether you can spell or not, Scrabble is a game nearly everyone can enjoy. Naturally if you want to win, spelling helps. The game was created by Alfred Mosher Butts in 1938 and today is his birthday. It is distributed by Hasbro and is one of the best selling games since it first came out. It’s like an ever changing crossword puzzle. You might be surprised by some of the words you know (Even if you didn’t know them before playing the game.) It can last for hours, or you can shorten it by removing tiles. Actually you can invent a new version of the game nearly every time you play.

How to celebrate – Buy a Scrabble game. Make up your own rules, make sure to tell other players what they are. Create a Scrabble tournament.

December 28th Card Playing Day

Now that the major part of the holidays are done it’s time to relax (although New Years is still yet to come). One of the best ways to relax, and still keep your mind busy, is to play cards (maybe not poker though). Playing cards is a fun way to pass the time and carry on conversations while not sitting around doing nothing. It can be challenging, somewhat exciting and always contains a bit of luck. Kids can spend hours playing cards, some games like slap jack and spoons can get a little noisy but if it happens to be snowing outside, or too cold to go out, it’s a good way to contain their energy. Cards also keep your mind sharp.

How to celebrate – Play a card game. Organize a Bridge tournament. Learn a new card game.

October 8th American Touch Tag Day

Kids have been playing tag since time began. At first it was probably out of fear as playing tag with a dinosaur wouldn’t be much fun. The game requires no tools or devices to play, only the energy to run around seemingly aimlessly. It is a fun game unless you are really slow, that tends to always make you “it” and there is little chance of capturing someone else to end your turn. (I know, I was that kid!) Still, it is better than just standing still and doing nothing and it is great exercise! Maybe adults should play tag to get themselves back into shape! Since there is an American tag day I have to assume every country has it’s own day of tag. Except maybe those places where running from someone is believed to be a pretense to criminal activities.

How to celebrate – Play tag today. Make up your own version of tag by adding a few challenges. Play tag with your pets.

July 8th Video Games Day

Not to be confused with National Video Games Day, today is just Video Games Day. So what’s the difference? I have no clue! National Video Games Day comes in September, when kids are back in school, so I think here in July is a better choice. Anyway, most of us have played a video game at one time or another, some of us get hooked, for others it’s not their thing. Atari, Nintendo and X-Box hope we all want more, not less. It is a huge industry making billions of dollars as sit in front of our television screens, or computers, and waste the hours away. My favorite is Red Dead, a game about the old west. The graphics are unbelievable! So if you like playing video games today is your excuse to play th4em all day long! Let’s just remember, they are games and not real life.

How to celebrate – Play your favorite video game. Buy a video system. Break out a game you haven’t played forever.

October 4th National Golf Day

It seems like you have to be a golfer these days to be president of the United States. It does sort of make you wonder, a grown man (Or Woman) chasing a little white ball around the hills, forests and ponds to make sure it falls into a hole, the one with a flag stuck in it.

HAWAII VOLCANOES NATIONAL PARK, HI – MAY 15: People play golf as an ash plume rises in the distance from the Kilauea volcano on Hawaii’s Big Island on May 15, 2018 in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii. The U.S. Geological Survey said a recent lowering of the lava lake at the volcano’s Halemaumau crater ‘has raised the potential for explosive eruptions’ at the volcano. (Photo by Mario Tama/Getty Images)

They brave alligators, snakes, other golfers and even volcanoes just to get in 18 holes. There is something about the game that draws in the rich and powerful, not being among them.. I do not see it. I have been kicked off some of the finest golf course in America, so I should know.

download (2)

However, it is a good game to keep healthy, get in a little exercise and talk over matters of state while chasing after that elussive ball. The Scots invented the game, though I am not sure it wasn’t just a way to avoid the English soldiers that came after them.


Entire communities have sprung up around golf courses, and with good reason (It’s where the rich people go!) But the game also serves that community, often raising funds for those in need while affording those contributors to do something they enjoy. That’s a win-win for everybody!

images (1)

Today was created by the PGA in 1952 which held it’s first event at Cog Hill Golf & Counry Club in Lemont, Il. The first event raised some $80,000.00, a lot of money now but even more so in the 1950’s. Golf is a good game, it requires skill and talent to play. Two really good qualities the successful normally pocess.

How to celebrate – Play a round of golf today. Contribute to the PGA. Learn about the game of golf.

September 12th National Video Games Day

I am not sure this is a day we should be celebrating but so long as we keep in mind it is just a game and not real life, I guess it’s okay. Video games and be fun, educational and help us develop skills we might not otherwise develop. However, it must also be remember when it’s time to quit and deal with real life.

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Now I’ll be the second to admit I like video games. (The first one being my wife!) They are challenging and you get a sense of accomplishment by winning the game that you often do not find in real life. I sort of drew the line at games like Guitar-Hero where being an actual guitarist showed me how unreal it was.


Now I watch my nephews play video games, that to me make no sense at all, and forget to eat dinner or do homework. It seems to be a great way to lose weight but not put on muscle! I think nearly everything in moderation is fine… the key word here is moderation. So having a National Day for Video Games is sort of a good idea. Play it from morning to night without break to get it out of your system.

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The great news is that there are two of these days, one national and one not. It is good to get to know Mario, just don’t ask him to help you out anywhere near as much as you help him in the game world. There are games where you  have to learn some valuable life lessons. Game where you have to learn economics and where some long forgotten countries were.

Three Boys Dressed as Nerds with Mind Reading Helmets

So if you don’t play video games, join in today to find out what you are missing. But maybe do it as a trade out taking that avid video game player out for a walk after a video game session. Games are great, just remember they are games and winning there does not make you a winner in real life. You have to earn that right in the video world, and the real world.

How to celebrate – Take the day and play video games! Play a video game with your child to see what they are experiencing. Find a video game you can believe in.

September 5th Street Soccer Day

September 5th Street Soccer Day


Since soccer is the world’s most popular sport it is not surprising that in most countries, it is played in the street. Kids everywhere learn to play individually and as a team mate where ever they can and since flat surface is general preferred, the street makes sense.


Though the date changes every year, this year it falls on September 5th. It comes as the vision of Vince Ganzberg from Indiana. Of course you have to watch out for traffic, and falling isn’t always the best idea, at least it gets kids out from behind their video games!


How to celebrate – Play some soccer! Join in an organized program today. Block off a street so kids can play safely.

February 25th Winter Olympic Games

In case you decided to take your vacation to Mars this month I am reporting that today is the closing ceremonies of the Winter Olympics. It all started February 9th, and ends today, February 25th.

Alpine Skiing - Day 9

This year has had the normal rises and the normal falls, the ups and downs and created new heroes. It has seen the beginnings, maybe, of a better relationship between North and South Korea and openly gay athletes making their declarations.

2018 Winter Olympic Games - Opening Ceremony

We have seen shirtless flag bearers, nothing new, and people from other countries around the world competing in a lot of sports many of us have never heard of, or know how to play. It is maybe the only place on earth where people from different countries get along with each other.

Speedskater with American Flag-Carousel

These were the XXIII games with the next Winter Olympics coming to Beijing, China in 2022.  Whether you take pride in your country, or marvel at the ability of other countries to produce stars, the Olympic Games normally offer the best the world has to offer, something you would think we could learn from.

How to celebrate – Watch the closing ceremonies. Support local athlete’s already starting to train for the next Winter Olympics. Watch the Summer Olympics coming up in 2 years in Tokyo.

November 19th National Play Monopoly Day

Today is the day to enjoy one of the best loved, and most hated, games ever created, Monopoly. Designed by Elizabeth Magie in 1902 and promoted by Parker Brothers, it is estimated that over 5 million people have played the game since 1935.


Of course something considered a monopoly has been outlawed in America so the game is the only place in the States that you can form a monopoly in business, destroying your friends and family on your way to the top (hopefully they will still be friends and family after the game is over. After-all it is just a game).

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Parker Brothers knew what they were doing. Since 1883 they help create and promote over 1,800 games. It use to be a great American pastime for the family, and friend, to gather around a table and play games, talk and enjoy each other’s company. Today most people play games on their computers either alone or with people halfway around the world. It is just not the same.

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Of course, neither are the Parker Brothers since they have been taken over by Hasbro. Still, when people do gather together and play a game, monopoly is still one of the most popular pulled out of the closet. Hasbro has kept up with the times as well changing the pieces, and squares after popular movies, interests and television shows.

images (6)

After all, who wouldn’t want to become the next King of Thrones, Wizard of Oz or the top Cat in Cat-o-poly. So today is your day, although it might not end until tomorrow, or the next day… or the next day… oer the next day…

How to celebrate – Play Monopoly tonight! Try and invent your own new version of Monopoly and submit it to Hasbro. Make it interesting, whoever wins gets to make all the family decisions for a week!