March 22nd International/National Goof-Off Day

Well, I really shouldn’t be doing the blog today since it is goof-off day. Not just National Goof-Off Day but International Goof-Off day! That means everyone in the world today should be goofing off! Though I suspect boss’ across the world are on the look out for this so be careful if you plan to celebrate.


Lets face it, we all do a lot of goofing off during the day. It actually should be a requirement at most jobs to spend a little time goofing off because it can make your actual working time more productive. Now, this does not really apply to doctors, air traffic controllers and buss drivers.


It takes a lot of work to goof-off correctly. It takes planning, diverting attention and find the right spot to celebrate in. The only real question here is, if you are goofing off with others are you really goofing off? You also have to be distinctive when goof off. If you are just sitting there you may be resting instead of goofing off!


Today was created by Monica “Moeller” Dufour with the help of her grandfather, William D. Chase, while living in Davidson, Michigan. So I guess you can call them the original goofing offers. (Though I suspect there were those goofing off before them).


How to celebrate – Begin your day by goofing off. Make sure your boss knows this is an International, as well as National, holiday… it makes it sound more important. Make sure you find time to goof off from your goofing off.