April 3rd Don’t Go To Work Unless it’s Fun Day

This should be a great day! Don’t Go To Work Unless it’s Fun Day is a great day to celebrate. Of course, that may be followed by, Don’t Go To Work Because You’ve Been Fired Day! The premise is pretty easy to follow and frankly boss’ at work should make your environment a fun environment because more will actually get done if it is.


And honestly, any job can be made fun for the employees with just a little imagination by the employers. Many employers and boss’ get very grumpy with age. They are tired of what they are doing or they have a lot of headaches they have to deal with over the course of the day.  But the grumpier the boss gets the less employees do, and that is a proven fact.


Life is too short to just work for a pay check. If all it means to you is that you can buy more stuff then you are definitely in the wrong line of work. You can never buy your way out of a bad mood. Hence the old saying, “Money can’t buy you happiness”. But with that in mind, I wondered what some of the better, fun jobs might be.


Like a professional ice cream taster. Now it could get nasty if you are forced to try some new flavor like… broccoli ice cream. But for the most part, any ice cream is going to be good ice cream because the boss wants to sell it to a lot of people. So an ice cream taster probably generally has a fun job. They might get fat though.


So maybe a better job would be a surf board tester! I mean, who wouldn’t have fun sitting on a surf board, in the ocean with your dog at your side!?! Maybe not the job for someone with a fair skin that burns easily, or if there is a hurricane blowing, or if there are sharks about but otherwise… why not!?!

How to celebrate – If you are a boss, make work fun for your employees today. If you are an employee, make work fun for your boss today. Greet everyone you see today with a smile.

March 22 National Goof Off Day

Finally a day that means something. Oddly, it means to do nothing! It is a day to prove you are worth just as little as your co-workers. Now we can’t always work as hard as we normally do, provided we work hard at all, we all need a little break… it’s just that some of us are so much better at it than others.


Goofing off includes what might go on in your head when you are in a dead serious meeting. Frankly, if we all lightened up a bit we might find our way to making more creative solutions to problems we are concentrating too hard on.


Of course, we can carry it too far. There is a difference between goofing off and passing out. Sleeping while at work is not exactly goofing off! It reminds me of when you are in school and you finish a test before anyone else. What do you do? Just sit there? How many actually go back and re-read all the questions and see if you have made any mistakes? This is a great way to fall asleep. There is nothing like editing work you have already done!



Well, if you are going to goof off today at least enjoy doing it! After all Monica “Moeller” Dufour worked hard creating this day back in 1976. Of course she was only 10 at the time.

How to celebrate – Find a way to goof off today without getting caught. Be creative in your goofing off, do something no one expects. Watch your co-workers today, see how many times you can catch them goofing off.

January 27th International Fun At Work Day

There are those bosses that believe when one is at work it should be labor intensive and humor belongs outside the work place. These are bosses that generally have a high turn-over and progressively get less and less stuff done. It is natural for people to want to laugh and enjoy themselves, that being said it is natural that those desires lead to the work play environment.


A good boss realizes that people spend a great deal of time at work and to make them more productive, being somewhere they want to be instead where they have to be, will enhance their business. Toxic workplaces are always on the look for the next employee because no one truly wants to be there.


I have seen schools that worked well, people enjoyed each others company and wanted to educate the children in their charge. I have also seen school were all the humor is taken out of the workplace and the desire to work becomes a daily grind instead. Students grades go down, friends become enemies and nothing is accomplished but getting through the day. This leads to entire generations becoming toxic.

Business people dancing in office

I have seen business that have family picnics, fun based incentives and actual playtime for the employees, thrive. I have seen the exact same business taken over by someone who stopped all those practices and just wanted work out of their people. The business quickly went out of business. I remember a boss telling me, “What would happen if you died on the way home? You didn’t get your job completed and where would that leave me?” My response, “If I’m dead… what do I care?”


So if you are the boss, take the time to show the employees that you care about them. Give them a reason to laugh and enjoy what they do. They’ll want to spend more time at work then and if you show you care about them, then they will care about you and your business.

How to celebrate – Enjoy work today and make sure others around you are enjoying themselves. Find challenges that aren’t life or death for people to participate in while working today. Plan a years worth of events that make your employees want to come in and see what the next day brings instead of sending them home wishing they could have the day off.