August 8th Sneak Some Zucchini onto Your Neighbor’s Porch Day

I am sure today is a day you have been waiting for all year! It’s sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch day. Now this isn’t a day you can really repeat every year with the same neighbor, after the first couple of years they should figure it out so you will need to find a new victim. And, just saying, if you have nothing better to do than to sneak some zucchini onto your neighbor’s porch and waiting for them to discover it then maybe you need to get a life. The surprise and bewilderment really isn’t worth it! But since entertainment is a little harder to find these days, it’s worth doing at least once.

How to celebrate – Go buy, or grow, some zucchini. Find a neighbor with a front porch. Get a ninja outfit to accomplish your goal.

August 3rd National Watermelon Day

The summer fruit. It’s 90% water, for which I think it gets it’s name and makes it the summer fruit. It’s like drinking a glass of water while eating a sweet fruit. It’s fun to eat as well, just ask any kid! It has become a regular part of our summer day, just like the heat and bright sunny skies. I remember planting some watermelon and not realizing it grew on a vine. Well the vines started over taking my yard and as the melons grew my 300 pound Mastiff dog became more and more frightened of these invaders from another planet. He would bark and bark at the melons, so much so, that we had to get rid of them.

How to celebrate – Enjoy some watermelon. Plant some watermelon but give it room to grow! Try some with salt to bring out even more flavor.

June 20th National Smoothie Day

June 20th National Smoothie Day

I don’t really know how long smoothies have been around. It seems like forever but I don’t think Wild Bill Hickock was enjoying a smoothie on his buffalo hunts. Smoothies are a healthy drink, normally. They contain vitamins and minerals that we might not digest daily otherwise. We can sip on them or gulp them down (brain freeze warning!) and it doesn’t matter. We are satisfying our taste buds while getting those healthy boosts at the same time. That’s a win-win.

How to celebrate – Have a smoothie today. Make up your own new smoothie. Buy a blender.

May 16th Plant A Lemon Tree Day

May 16th Plant A Lemon Tree Day

Lemon trees provide us with lemons, obviously, but also a wonderful fragrance and they give off oxygen. That’s a win, win, win! There is a tradition a lot of people do when buying a new home. They plant a tree and watch it grow as they live in the house. If that sounds like a good idea to you, try planting a lemon tree. Once it starts producing fruit you can open a lemonade stand to help pay off that mortgage too!

How to celebrate – Plant a lemon tree. See how many different types of lemon you can name. Learn all the different things you can create from a lemon.

January 23rd National Pie Day

I love pie. Nothing against cakes or cookies or any other type of dessert you may choose, they are good too, but pie is normally so flavorful! Most of the time pie is made with fresh fruit, it’s juicy and tasty and satisfies so many senses. The day was created by the American Pie Council, I didn’t even know that existed! Who do they council? Either you like pie or you don’t! Anyway, I am sure they are important, at least they created the day which gives us all a reason to celebrate something! Cherry pie is my favorite, apple pie is apparently the most popular, but pie can be made out of any fruit or even chocolate, lemon (Lemon is a fruit, right?) Key Lime. You name it, it can be made into a pie. Home made, store bought… they are both good.

How to celebrate – Have a pie party! Taste test several pies to see which you like best. List as many pies as you can think of.

Dec. 21st National Kiwi Day

December 21st National Kiwi Day

Here is a fruit that is native to China and had a certain popularity in the Far East prior to World War 2 but never really caught on until soldiers fighting in New Zealand tried the fruit, liked it and brought it back to the west with them. Originally known as “Yang Tao”, the Chinese gooseberry, it eventually was named Kiwi. Sounds Hawaiian! It is often mixed with strawberries as they seem to compliment each other. Interesting, at least to me, is the fact that though it is native to China, the number one producing country for Kiwi today is Italy.

How to celebrate – Have some Kiwi today. Visit China and see Kiwi in the wild. Make your own recipe using Kiwi.  

October 20th Brandied Fruit Day

Today is your opportunity to eat some healthy fruit and get buzzed at the same time! Sound like a winner, well it is! Now it takes a little prep work though. You need to soak your fruit in brandy until it’s reached the desired amount of brandy (This may vary per person) Then add a little sugar, if you want, and let it dry (Or don’t) and enjoy. Now if you like, you can even skip the fruit part and just drink the brandy, but it will leave you hungry so I suggest the fruit. And if you are health aware… skip the brandy and just eat the fruit. But if you do either of those you won’t enjoy the day as it is meant, and it is meant for enjoying! You will need to monitor your intake.

How to celebrate – Brandy some fruit. Take a risk and brandy some vegetables. Taste test.

September 24th National Cherries Jubilee Day

Well, if you are going to have a dessert, this is a good one to have! You get the sweetness of ripe cherries, the bite of cognac or brandy, and the balance of vanilla ice cream all to savor. And… You can set it on fire! Presentation is half of the enjoyment! Though kids love this, it’s meant for adults. I found no real history on cherries jubilee, I would bet it’s a French thing. Anyway, it’s a fun dessert and works either during the heat of summer or the cold of winter.

How to celebrate – Have some cherries jubilee! Try another fruit instead of cherries – raspberry jubilee, kiwi jubilee, blueberry jubilee. Forget the cherries and vanilla ice cream and just go for the cognac or brandy!

July 19th National Daiquiri Day

In 1898 Jennings Stockton Cox came up with the idea for the modern day daiquiri. He was a mining engineer in Cuba and was looking for something that would be refreshing and alcoholic, his fellow miners needed something to look forward to at the end of the day. It was a success! The favorite flavor then, as it is now, was strawberry. It was the dead of summer and he felt that the drink would lighten the spirits, one way or the other! It was named for the village the Venus Bar was located in. All I have been able to find in the Spanish translation is that is a noun, I presume someone’s name. Ernest Hemingway found a way to make it even more refreshing and talked a Havana, Cuba bartender to put ice in blender and create the frozen daiquiri. That was in the 1940’s. Any fruit can be used to make the daiquiri and it can be frozen of chilled. Add a little rum and it’s nearly the perfect adult drink.

How to celebrate – Have a daiquiri! Invent your own flavor of daiquiri. Visit Cuba (Once it’s legal again).

July 11th National Blueberry Muffin Day

It isn’t often that we get to eat something that is good for us and tastes good as well. Well, maybe the muffin part of it isn’t all that good for us but the blueberry part of it is! Blue berries help fight cancer, dementia and promote heart health. The blueberry muffin comes to us from Europe with something called a Bilberry, I am not sure exactly what that is, but here in the United States we didn’t have bilberries so we used “Star Berries” as the Native American’s called the blueberry. Again, I am not sure why they called them the star berry but that’s not important either. What is important is that it’s summer and blueberries are plentiful so, use them in everything you can, salads, cereal and muffins!

How to celebrate – Make some blueberry muffins. Go pick some blueberries. Design a healthy diet for yourself.