October 4th World Smile Day

Oct. 4th World Smile Day

If the entire world smiled at each other it would be a much friendlier place. It might also be a lot stranger world, but we won’t go there. Harvey Ball created the basic smiley face in 1963 but it took to 1999 to actually make the day one the world celebrated. It always falls on the first Friday in October, just in time for the coming holiday season. Not all smiles are meant as friendly however so you need to watch the person smiling at you to see if it is real or not. That may make it an entirely different place! But we should give a smile to all we see anyway, it will make the world a better place and give someone a boost they might not get otherwise.

How to celebrate – Smile at everyone you see today. Eyes will tell you whether the smile is actually meant, not a cover up for other intents. Always return a smile with a smile.

February 7th Wave All Your Fingers At Your Neighbor Day

Well, once you get past the length of the title of this day you can actually get down to doing what it tells you to do… be friendly. And it doesn’t say just wave at the neighbors that live next door to you, it says all of your neighbors… that person standing next to you, the person eating at a table next to you, in fact anyone who occupies a space near you is a neighbor even if it’s just for a few minutes.

If we become more friendly we will make those around us more friendly as well. Naturally, there are times when this is not a good thing, but over-all it can make someone’s day, maybe even yours. And make the effort to use all your fingers, thumb included. Anything else may be mistaken for some other gesture.

The more friends we have, the fewer enemies we will get. Sometimes this little effort on your part will change things for the better.

How to celebrate – Wave at everybody you see. Always return a wave offered you. Invent your own wave (But make sure you use all your fingers)

February 7th Wave All Your Fingers at Your Neighbor Day

I use to live in a neighborhood where everybody walked their dogs with their heads down, looking at the sidewalk and trying to ignore who might be around them. I now live in a neighborhood where everybody waves at each other and maybe even says hello to each other. What a difference.


American neighborhoods over the years have been the iconic place to raise a family. A place where everybody knows each other, cares about each other, and actually is happy to see each other. It’s the way it was, but not so much anymore. People are almost afraid to get to know their neighbors because they might ask something of them sometime, or expect to treat others and be treated by others, more like family.


Remember how neighbors use to build houses for each other, watch over each others kids, and throw block parties where everyone is allowed to come. The fun thing is, it all probably started with a friendly wave and a smile with the occasional hello thrown in just for good measure.


A community is more than the house you live in, it’s more than the car your neighbor drives, or the gardens they grow their vegetables in. It’s a place where people liveand living is a lot more than just burying your head in the sand and letting everything pass you by.

How to celebrate – Give a wave, nod or hello to your neighbors today. Throw a neighborhood party. Find something you have in common with others in your neighborhood.

February 7th Wave All Your Fingers ay Your Neighbor Day

To be a good neighbor you must be friendly. The best way of showing friendship, from a distance, is with a friendly wave. Not just a hand wave, but using all your fingers as was intended by inventing the wave in the first place.


We wave at babies, they wave back… maybe they know what they are doing and maybe they don’t. However the message is sent. An added smile is helpful. It lets those know who you are waving at that you are actually happy to see them, even if it’s fake it’ worth the added effort.


Like the handshake of old days, the wave probably was originated by leaders at war with one another showing the other side that they wanted to peacefully talk, intending them no harm. By waving an empty hand it showed that at least that hand had no weapon in it. Of course you had to be careful that the other hand was equally unequipped!


So whether you are waving hello…


… or goodbye…. give it the best shot you can.

How to celebrate – Make sure to wave at your neighbors as you see them today, remembering to use all your fingers to do so. You can wave at total strangers as well! They may wonder who you are and why you are waving but I’ll bet most wave back! Wave at yourself in the mirror today, might as well start your own day off with someone wishing you well!