March 23rd National Puppy Day

National Puppy Day – March 23rd

Who doesn’t love a puppy!?! They are filled with all the good things in life and they are willing to share expecting little in return. Today was created in 2006 to promote puppy adoption. There are so many puppies out there that do not have a home of their own, go hungry because no one helps them and suffer when they do not need to. They are our best friends and all they ask for is a little love, a little food and a little water. They are willing to protect us, love us when no one else does and make a house a home.

How to celebrate – Adopt a puppy today. Help an animal shelter today. Love your puppy like you would a child.

January 26th National Spouse’s Day

Well one of the most under-appreciated people in our lives is our spouse. We often take them for granted or forget that they have feelings, thoughts and dreams as well as us. But they do. The longer we live with someone the more important they become but so much of that is taken for granted that while we are aware they are there, we don’t pay them much attention.

It’s only natural. After a while, just like the sun rising every day and the moon every night, we expect them to be there. We expect them to know what we like, want and need without ever telling them anything. The truth is, they are half of us, maybe even the better half. And today is the day to recognize all that they do.

After we have been married for a while, or living with, or whatever your situation happens to be, we just sort of expect things and depend on them without thinking about them. There is an excitement when we first get together that does wane a bit over the years. It doesn’t mean we love them less, we probably love them even more, but to keep up that intensity is jus too difficult.

So maybe today we should step out of our comfort zone and go a step beyond to let our spouse know just how important they are to us. That while we probably could live without them we wouldn’t want to and even though we don;t always agree, if ever we do, we respect their thoughts, opinions and beliefs.

How to celebrate – Let your spouse know how you fell about them. List all your spouse does for you so you can actually see it before you. Tell your loved ones that you love them, even if they already know that.

July 30th National Father-In-Law Day

Today we celebrate that long lost hero, our father-in-law. We hear a lot about our mother-in-law, of course our mothers and our fathers… but not much about our father -in-law. That guy that generally sits in the corner keeping to himself and trying desperately not to get in the way.

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I don’t know about you but I really appreciate my father-in-law.  He is always there to be supportive but never forces his will, or thoughts, on me. That’s really cool. He is more like a friend than a father-in-law. In my case, like a best friend.

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Now I have to admit my situation is a little unusual. My father-in-law is younger than me. A little weird, huh? Well, it works out well. (My wife is 19 years younger than me) That said, I still notice other father-in-laws being really cool people anyway. I got really lucky, but most seem to live and let live.

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Now, in thinking of Father-In-Laws I got wondering about Joseph and Mary. Yes, they had their own parents and in-laws… but Jesus’ Father is God. So if anyone had married Jesus, not that it would have ever happened, that would have made God someone’s Father-In-Law. Wow.

How to celebrate – Appreciate your father-in-law. Surprise him by throwing him a party! Make a list of all the help he has given you without expecting a thing in return.

June 22nd Take You Dog To Work Day

You already know your dog is your best friend. They don’t care how you look, how you smell or what you are wearing, they are going to love you anyway. So why not take someone who loves you to work today!


Sure, they may be in the way a little and you will probably need to walk them at least once while you are at work but they will make you smile and definitely make your day better. They will also probably make your co-workers day better as well. (Unless they are allergic to dogs which you may want to check on before you take your dog with you.)

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And dog are really smart too! They may even be able to figure out things you have been working on for months! Maybe they will even save your company from failing! You never know unless you try!

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I love my dog… I really do. I would take her everywhere I go if I could. Since I mainly work in front of a computer I am also sure I bore her to death. But she will remind me when I have spent enough time at the computer and take me for a walk so I can get some exercise and a little fresh air. And more often than not, she is right!


There are dogs we humans take to work everyday as a part of life. Seeing eye dogs, special care dogs and military dogs risk their lives for us every day. They don’t care how many hours they put in, they don’t care about what the latest fashions are and they are not impressed by who makes the most money.  These are our true friends and we really should take the time to thank them. We celebrate today, the first Friday after Father’s Day and was created by Pet Sitters International in 1999.

How to celebrate – Take your dog to work today. Spend more time with your dog. Give your dog a hug and thank them.

April 10th National Siblings Day

If you have a brother or sister, you have a sibling! I know, it’s weird isn’t it! Well, I have two sisters, I count them every day to make sure. I am so happy to have them, of course, I didn’t really have a choice but then I wouldn’t change a thing even if I could.


Now you can’t honestly say that you have always enjoyed having siblings all your life, that would be a lie, but as you get older you realize just how important they are. Those that have never had a brother or sister cannot understand. That’s not a bad thing, they just don’t get the relationship normally bound by, well… relations!

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Today was founded by Claudia A. Evart after she lost her siblings, she is the President and Founder of today. The idea of today was supported by Bill Clinton but was never passed into law. However, there are 22 governors that did proclaim the day for their state.


It is true that your brother or sister, or both, are your best friend. There is a bond that  very hard to break and for the life of me, I don’t know why one would even try.

How to celebrate – Give your brother or sister, or both, a call today. Form a brother and sister club in your neighborhood. Have a sibling party!

April 2nd Brother and Sister Day

I always grew up thinking that brothers and sisters were supposed to fight like cats and dogs. Well, my dog loves my cats and vice-versa. Now I don’t expect to always agree with my sisters, I have two of them, but I will always love them and respect them and I do miss them when they aren’t around.

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In fact, if you ever need to rely on someone to do something for you look no further than a brother or sister. Each has their own personality and ego but somehow, in he end, they manage to work past that and find a way to support each other.


Growing up, each has to establish their place but once done, they generally find more they agree with than they dis-agree on. The older they get, the more they think alike. An older brother or sister is always there to defend the younger. The younger normally looks up to the older for suggestions and figuring out life.


There are times when the brother and sister are inseparable. That is only logical. In most families they are raised the same, given the same values and are extensions of each other. They have different ways of looking at things, but normally end up with the same opinion.


You may have a best friend that you think you can share everything with and that knows ever thought in your head but believe me, a brother or sister has had that same though before you ever though it. In the end, friends come and go but a brother or sister are always there to stay.

How to celebrate – Visit your brother or sister if they are close, if not, write them a letter. (I know that’s old fashion) Take your brother or sister to lunch today. Do something to let your brother or sister know that you love them.