September 14th National Hoagie Day

Food can be a work of art and each of us can be an artist. We can create our own work, the way we like it with all the colors of the rainbow and flavors in a palate. Our canvas is either French Roll or Italian Roll, our paints are the various cuts of meat and cheese and our sculpture is the garnish we add, sprinkle or pour.

51233-1Now nobody knows exactly who, or when, the hoagie was invented. Some say it was a DiCostanzas in Pennsylvania in 1923, others say it was the DePalmas in 1925 in the same state. It’s sort of a feud these days. Another version talks about the sandwiches the shipbuilders were eating in Philadelphia during World War 1. That would predate either the DiCostanzas or the DePalmas. The truth probably lay somewhere in the middle of all three sources, but I’ll bet there are those in New York City that would argue the point.


The original name of the hoagie was probably the hoogie.  It came from the terms used that explained children skipping school. They were said to either be “On The Hook” or “Playing Hookey”. The hoagie was a sandwich, at the time, that even a child could afford on the streets and the name Hookie was given to the sandwich. Because of the accent most Philadelphian’s have the a was added and the term Hoagie added to the dictionary.


So no matter who made it, how it was made or what it is made out of, take the time to make your own piece of art, a Hoagie. You will be very satisfied by your work!


How to celebrate – Remember a hoagie is a style, not a flavor so make one your way! See if you can make a hoagie for your family choosing the right ingredients. Ask the one you love to make a hoagie for you and see if they get it right.