July 13th Fool’s Paradise Day

Today is the day we celebrate someone else’s paradise by thinking they are a fool to believe in. Or maybe we are the fool for not believing in it. One’s paradise is another’s hell, and visa-versa. For one it may be an island in the middle of nowhere, or another it’s a snow capped mountain. Both have their issues, an island probably will be hit by a hurricane one time or another and a mountain a blizzard. It seems like those truly are fool’s paradise. The best paradise is the one you create for yourself and that paradise is real. So what is a fool’s paradise? Someplace that someone thinks can be created for them.

How to celebrate – Determine what your paradise would look like. Create your own paradise. Remember the grass is always green on the other side of the hill, not.

July 13th Fool’s Paradise Day

The old adage, “One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure” seems to apply to a Fool’s Paradise Day as well. Not everybody has the same view on what paradise is. For some it may be a beach on a tropical island or a mountain always covered in snow for skiers.


Other’s may find paradise in quiet, relaxing places while some feel the excitement of the city is their paradise. It all depends on the person, or the fool as it were. And can you be a fool if you find a paradise that others find hell?

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Even a desert has an oasis, filled with water, plants and shade. So can a desert be a paradise, particularly if you enjoy the desert anyway. So are you the fool, or are others a fool for not being able to find joy in something that you see in a different way.

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And others find a garbage dump as a fowl, smelly place. However, you might find buried treasures worth fortunes buried among the trash. You would be surprised what others throw away thinking it is worthless. I am pretty sure if you search long enough and hard enough you will find something of value in others trash.


I think a true fool’s paradise is not recognizing what really makes you happy. Allowing others to lead you to some place you never really wanted to go but because the “Smart” people of the world think paradise is what they claim it to be does not mean it should be your paradise as well.

How to celebrate – Find your own paradise and try to get to as often as you can. Paradise might not be  place, it may be a frame of mind. Allow others to have their paradise so long as they allow you to have yours.