May 6th International No Diet Day

Most of us have on on some sort of diet at one time or another. Sometimes they work, most of the time they don’t and sometimes they are very, very dangerous. Today was created in 1992 by Mary Evans Young of the British “Diet Breakers” Group to fight Anorexia world wide. Common sense needs to be followed with every diet and while carrying around excess weight is not good for us, neither is crash diets that never work anyway. Be logical, create some cheats and enjoy your life… it doesn’t have to be a never ending battle.

How to celebrate – Workout and exercise. Create a sensible diet if you feel like you need one. Try to eat healthy to start with so you don’t have to go on a diet.

April 1st National Burrito Day

April 1st National Burrito Day

National Burrito Day falls on the first Thursday in in April, why not. Now you can have 2 Taco Tuesdays and National Burrito Day in the same month. The first burritos probably were made hundreds of years ago but the first book to feature them came in 1895 in Mexico. By the 1930’s the burrito had become popular in the US, though no doubt made with different ingredients. Erna Fergusson, a very Latin type name, wrote the “Mexican Cookbook” in 1934 and introduced the Mexican delight to the world. By 1975 the breakfast burrito was in production and all was right with the world.

How to celebrate – Have a burrito. Visit Mexico. Invent your own type of burrito.

March 28th Something On A Stick Day

This is a simple day. It normally refers to something you eat being placed on a stick, supposedly so you can walk around eating it at a fair or a picnic or, well, where ever you find yourself walking around and eating something. It seems to best apply to meats, or ice cream, it is, after-all, a bit hard to put creamed corn on a stick (But you could if you froze it first.) Food just seems like something so much more fun to eat if it is on a stick.

How to celebrate – Eat something served on a stick. Come up with something new that you can serve on a stick. Remember a toothpick is considered a stick.

March 23rd National Tamale Day

March 23rd National Tamale Day

Boy oh boy, here’s a day I bet you have been waiting for… National Tamale Day. Doesn’t it seem like we just had a National Tamale Day like a year ago!?! A tamale is a corn dough, called a masa, that can be stuffed with nearly anything you can think of. Any type of meat, vegetable or fruit goes into a tamale where it is generally heated and served as a meal or a snack. Interestingly the tamale can be either corn or a banana husk. The husk is discarded, or used as a plate.

How to celebrate – Make some tamales for dinner tonight. Visit Mexico. Serve with a sweet or savory sauce.

March 10th National Pack Your Lunch Day

March 10th National Pack Your Lunch Day

People have been packing their lunch for nearly as long as they have been on earth. Packing your lunch is a pretty good idea. You will generally end up with food you like and is good for you. I’ll bet you’ll even find that cavemen occasionally packed a lunch as they went hunting or avoided being hunted (ok maybe not – but it is fun to think of a cave somewhere with a drawing of a caveman carrying a Flintstones lunch box). Paper bags normally serve the purpose but in 1935 the first lunch box was put out on the market for sale. Can you guess whose image was plastered all over the front of it?…….. Yep, Mickey Mouse.

How to celebrate – Pack your own lunch today. If you supervise someone packing your lunch does that count? Brown bag it!

March 6th National Frozen Food Day

I bet you didn’t really think this day existed, did you? Well, not only is it real it’s truly a National Holiday! Clarence Birdseye patented flash freeze food in 1927. The “first frozen” food hit the Springfield, Ma market in 1930. Then came the TV Dinner, which set us all down in front of the television for supper in 1954. So impressed was the US Senate that they created joint resolution #193 to celebrate this invention. President Ronald Reagan made it official with Proclamation #5157 in 1984.

How to celebrate – Have some frozen food today. Clean out your freezer! Make sure you identify the eat by date.

January 6th Bean Day

Today we celebrate the bean. Most of us consume some sort of bean during the day. Generally a bean is a seed, meaning if we replant it, with any luck, it should grow. It doesn’t always work that way so we boil them, roast them, grind them and put them in numerous dishes we can devour. They are healthy and meet the requirements of meat eaters as well as vegans. They can be green, brown, gray, red or nearly any color of the spectrum. They also help us digest our food, though sometimes they cause us to react in ways others do not welcome.

How to celebrate – Name as many beans as you can without looking. If you have beans, does that make you a Has-bean? Have beans with every meal today.

November 3rd Sandwich Day

If you have ever had lunch then you probably have had a sandwich. Actually sandwiches today have become quite an art form. Well supposedly they didn’t exist back in 1762 when gambler John Montagu had no time for a regular meal so he placed a piece of meat between two pieces of bread and made it his meal so he could remain at the gambling table. He was the 4th Earl of Sandwich. Naturally, one thing led to another and the sandwich was created. This may be true, and it’s sort of fun to think it is true, but I just can’t imagine that no one before Montagu had made a sandwich… or maybe they just weren’t famous enough to have it named after them. We all could be eating a Neanderthal instead.

How to celebrate – Create a new sandwich. Have a breakfast sandwich. Try placing bread between two pieces of meat and create the un-sandwich.

November 1st National Cook For Your Pets Day

Nov. 1st National Cook For Your Pets Day

You cook for your family and aren’t your pets a part of your family? So why not cook for them? They like a nice home cooked meal as well. I mean, it beats whatever comes out of that can or bag, so it has to be better! Animals have a hard time with certain types of human food so you need to check and see what they might be allergic to. You can put it on some fine china and serve it with a napkin and a nice chilled bottle of domestic water. Or, you can just give them what is left over on your own plate, maybe even save a little… you could stand a few less calories. Your pets are a part of your family, treat them like that, and every once in a while cook for them when it’s practical.

How to celebrate – Look up what foods your pet might be allergic to. Cook a little extra of whatever you are having for supper to share. Set a place at the table for your pet.

October 20th International Chefs Day

It may surprise you but International Chefs Day was created in South Africa in 2004 to help educate children about eating healthy. Dr. Bill Gallagher, the “Godfather of all Chefs” created today because he wanted all the top chefs to teach something healthy, and tasty. Chefs are aware of the value of eating healthy and they know the best foods to eat. That doesn’t mean they always provide them, but they are capable of providing a healthy diet. Today, every chef in the world should provide their idea of a healthy meal that they think everyone will enjoy. Maybe put the recipe on the internet and teach everyone how to make the dishes. Then, we all can enjoy eating them!

How to celebrate – If you are the chef of your home, provide a healthy meal today. Make a list of all the chefs you can name. Try dishes from a chef in every country in the world.