November 8th Cook Something Bold Day

If the rest of the neighborhood can smell what you are cooking you have accomplished your goal today. That doesn’t mean it has to be something good, it helps, but the idea is to fill the world with that aroma! You know you have reached your goal when someone comes to your door and asks, “What are you cooking?”. Cabbage works, so does shrimp, anything you can think of that is stinky works really well! To me, while I realize a lot of people love it, the smell of something being cooked heavily with garlic, tops the list. I like garlic, but boy does it stink! Today works really well if you cook outdoors. It gives you a good start on letting the neighbors know you are cooking and you mean business! Today is owned by

How to celebrate – Cook something bold. Cook something that stinks. Try some hot peppers in your cereal!

November 1st National Cook For Your Pets Day

Nov. 1st National Cook For Your Pets Day

You cook for your family and aren’t your pets a part of your family? So why not cook for them? They like a nice home cooked meal as well. I mean, it beats whatever comes out of that can or bag so it has to be better! Animals have a hard time with certain types of human food so you need to check and see what they might be allergic to. You can put it on some fine china and serve it with a napkin and a nice chilled bottle of domestic water. Or, you can just give them what is left over on your own plate, maybe even save a little… you could stand a few less calories. Your pets are a part of your family, treat them like that, and every once in a while cook for them when it’s practical.

How to celebrate – Look up what foods your pet might be allergic to. Cook a little extra of whatever you are having for supper to share. Set a place at the table for your pet.

October 14th National Dessert Day

Well if you feel guilty about eating a dessert after a meal today is your day not to worry about it. In fact, today you should be eating that dessert because it National Dessert Day. Heck, maybe you can even forget the meal and just go directly to the dessert! and maybe, if you are like me, I feel a little guilty but I eat it anyway so does today give me the right to eat two desserts? And if you are one of those that doesn’t eat all your dinner because you want to save room for dessert, well today you don’t need to worry about it. Maybe you could have a healthy dessert lie some fresh fruit or something. Is carrot cake a healthy dessert? Even though the French make a ton of desserts, Americans are some of the most dessert concerned people in the world. Why are we concerned? Because we might miss out!

How to celebrate – Have a dessert today. If you normally have dessert anyway, have two today! Have dessert before your meal so you don’t have to leave room for it.

May 6th International No Diet Day

Are you on a diet and it’s not working out so well? You’re not alone. Most diets promise all sorts of stuff but in the end bring about little, or no, results. Sometimes they even backfire and you gain weight! The problem with most diets is that you spend all of your time thinking about what you can’t have instead of what you can have. So today is a day to embrace you and your body! Be proud of your curves or no curves. The day was created by Mary Evans Young in 1992 as a part of the British “Diet Breakers”.

How to celebrate – End that diet your on now. Start a diet just so you can break it. Form your own no diet club.

March 14th National AG Day

National AG Day – March 14th

The Agricultural Council of America (ACA) is celebrating the 46th year of celebrating all the earth has to offer us. Naturally man has learned how to harness the energy of Mother Nature, and with the help of the Agricultural Societies, make food supplies better and safer for all mankind. It is just as much about what we return to the earth as what we take from it. While most of us do not think of farming as a science, it is.

How to celebrate – Read about the art of Agriculture. Plant a garden of your own today. Visit a farm in your area. Visit a petting zoo. Milk a cow.

March 7th National Crown Roast of Pork Day

Oh boy! This is the day I have been waiting for all year! (actually I don’t know that I have ever had a Crown Roast of Pork). Today can only be celebrated with a Crown Roast of Pork, no other pork will satisfy your ability to complete the days requirements. There you go, if you need a recipe try that! If you need to know what a Crown Roast of Pork is, go there but if you don’t know what one is, maybe it would be best not to prepare it for your family or friends. No one seems to know why today is Crown Roast of Pork Day, nor does anyone know who created it. I feel pretty certain it was not the pigs themselves.

How to celebrate – Serve a Crown Roast of Pork. Go to a place that serves Crown Roast of Pork. Did you know, pigs fart too, just like cows!

November 8th Cook Something Bold Day

When you cook something bold it is generally considered to be something hot and spicy. Something filled with flavor and tangy. Well, that’s normally but in this a case we are talking about something that fills your entire home with a scent that beacons someone to the kitchen to find out what’s cooking.

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Now this will obviously change with your families tastes. It may still make the dish hot and spicy but it could also be the scent of cookies baking or strawberries being cut up, lemon cake cooking, a turkey dinner with all the fixings, blueberry muffins, a chocolate fountain… well, you get the idea.

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Things that may not qualify would be cooking cauliflower, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, liver … unless you like that sort of thing. Half, or more, of the pleasure of eating is the scent of the food. Smelling it cooking all day builds the anticipation of what is to come.

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Well, today is copyrighted by Guess you can’t cook anything that smells good, or bad, without getting their permission first. Or at least it can’t be bold.


How to celebrate – Cook something that is aromatic today. Make something really bold and spicy (Even if you have to throw it away later.) Cook enough cabbage for the entire neighborhood.