June 14th Flag Day

It’s sad these days when so many communities find flying the American flag offensive. That it upsets those who have come here from different nations and makes them feel left out. Maybe we should ban Oreos since they didn’t have those either, or how about shoes since they may have gone barefoot or maybe we should get rid of food and voting and freedom and peace since they didn’t have any of that!


Why is it okay for other countries to fly their flag on our land but we can’t fly it in our own yards!?! It is the symbol of freedom, something every other country in the world strives for but seldom attains. I am not sure when or where it became popular to take down the American flag and replace it with any other flag. The American flag is what gives you the right to fly any flag… lose Old Glory and you lose every other flag you want to fly. Of course they should always fly below the American flag, sort of like you don’t add more gravy and then put mashed potatoes over the gravy.

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The story goes that Betsy Ross made the first flag and presented it to George Washington. We are finding that this is probably a myth. It seems it was the combination of several people including George Washington himself.


And many have died defending the flag. To ignore the flag is to ignore their efforts. However, if you are brave enough to fly the flag there are a few things you should know. Always put up the flag at sunrise quickly, lowering it at sunset slowly. The flag is never to be flown at night unless there is a light shining on it. It should not be flown in rain or bad weather. If an event happens that causes you to put your flag at half staff, a death or tragic event, it should remain at half staff for 30 days. The flag should never touch the ground. When a flag gets old or tattered it should either be burned or buried, never thrown in a trash can.


Stop being ashamed of the best country in the world! Fly your flag proudly.

How to celebrate – Fly your flag accordingly. If you don’t have a flag, buy one! Stop listening to those who tell you flying the flag is wrong. It is the symbol of our country, a country to be very, very proud of.


June 14th Flag Day

Our flag symbolizes freedom, tolerance, and a chance for a better life. That said, it does not mean those ideals come easy or cheap. The first flag was adopted by the Second Continental Congress on June 14th, 1777.


This was also the birth of the US Army as well.

The men who fought for this flag knew more than any of us know how fragile that flag was. Any day their fight might come to an end with loss, or victory. They fought in the cold, in swamps, outnumbered and often friendless, to give us all a chance for what we have today.


The flag had meaning to them. It had soul. It meant a new beginning. It was something special. They flew it proudly announcing their choice to be free.


The first town to celebrate Flag Day was Fairfield, Washington in 1909. A proclamation was declared by Woodrow Wilson on June 14th, 1916 to celebrate Flag Day, it was slow to catch on.

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Pennsylvania was the first state to actually declare Flag Day as a state holiday in 1937.  Over the years other states joined the celebration and Congress finally declared, by an Act of Congress, a National Flag Day in 1949.


The first Flag Day parade was held in Appleton, Wisconsin in 1950 earning the town the “Most Patriotic City in America”. If you think about, a lot of people died making sure you have the right to have a flag. It may, or may not, mean a lot to you, opinions have changed over the years, but what it represented to those who made sure it still flew today is worth honoring if nothing else. Or you could be like Three Oaks, Michigan – they fly the largest flag ever made proudly. It must still mean something to them.

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How to celebrate: Fly your flag proudly. Remember those who died so that you could fly your flag. Gather flags from every country that your family tree came from.