March 28th National Something On A Stick Day

Well, nearly everything we eat today can be put on a stick and probably has been at one time or another. Even pudding has been put on a stick. Of course you have to change it’s normal form but it can indeed be put on a stick. Things like corn-dogs are normally served on a stick and it really doesn’t make them any better but they seem to be more enjoyable when they are on a stick. Perhaps it’s because when food is on a stick it becomes portable and you can walk around with it, enjoying other things while enjoying your food. Pickles, cakes, potatoes, you name it, it has probably appeared on a stick at one time or another. It probably is as old as man since when man realized he could actually cook food it was cooked on a stick!

How to celebrate – Eat something on a stick. Try putting something on a stick you have not seen before. Save those stick in your backyard for later use.

January 3rd Festival Of Sleep Day

It is only appropriate that after the holidays we celebrate a day that allows us to catch up on our sleep! It’s something we sort of need. We couldn’t sleep at Halloween because of the nightmares, we couldn’t sleep at Thanksgiving because we ate too much (Ya right), we couldn’t sleep at Christmas because of all the excitement and we couldn’t sleep on New Year’s Eve because, well we aren’t supposed to.


Actually when we can’t sleep it’s because our minds will not let go of whatever it is focused on. It might be work, it might be all the things we have to do during the holidays. It can be worry, eating the wrong foods, having unfinished projects or… well, who knows what!


But today is the day we change all of that. It is our duty to sleep since we are celebrating it… together. If everyone else is sleeping there are no deadlines to meet, no people to please, no meals to cook… just absolute peace.Now I would make sure that the people you are depending on so that you can sleep are not celebrating today. People like pilots, surgeons and ice cream truck operators. We need these people to stay awake and alert.

Romantic Moon In Starry Night Over Clouds

But for the rest of us, it’s a day that we can finally catch up on all that sleep we have missed out over the last couple of months. There is apparently no record of who started this holiday, probably because everyone slept through it.

How to celebrate – Get some sleep! Take a nap. When you do wake up, take the time to smell the roses.

October 31st Halloween

In case you have been living under a rock for the last couple of months, today is Halloween Eve. Some find it a good thing, some a bad thing… most of us just find it a thing. It comes, probably, from the Celtic Harvest Festival and “Summers End”. It was, at one time, believed that by dressing up as ghouls and goblins a society might keep away the demons that might assault them over the coming year.


Known also as All Hallow’s Eve and All Saints Eve, it really depends on your vision of what the day brings. I have always believed (And I am not saying I am right) that what you make it is what it is, if you think bad things will happen, that’s what you will find.


I heard a minister put it the other day say that you can chase away people who celebrate Halloween as an evil thing or understand it’s a great way to meet your neighbors and give their kids candy. (Or toothbrushes if you so choose) What is the harm in that?


Are there such things as ghosts and monsters, demons and evil? No doubt that there are and if that’s the way you see it then that’s what is alive to you and you combat. To me, and others, its just a night of weird fun. To be scared, not over frightened, is stimulating and fun. If you believe it is real, its a nightmare.


So celebrate, or don’t, what you choose to believe in. I put out no clowns since idiots have turned them into a bad thing. I try not to put out demonic creatures because they frighten people and leave them with nightmares. I don’t mind scaring someone, so long as thy are allowed to laugh after their experience.

How to celebrate – Choose your medicine and share it, or don’t. Remember you will be perceived by what you project. There is nothing evil about sharing a laugh.