June 14th Chinese Dragon Boat Festival

Also known as the Duanu Fewstival or Tuen Ng Festival today celebrates patriotism and sacrifice in China. It is based around Qu Yuan, a poet who lived from 343 – 278 BC. The dates do change from year to year, obiously today is the day for 2021 but in 2022 it will be held on June 3rd. Chinese celebrations include the eating of a “Zongzi” dumpling, going on long walks, hanging Mugworts and Calmus (Whatever they are), drinking Realgar wine, writing spells and wearing perfume pouches. I’m sure we’ll all get right on that!

How to celebrate – Visit China. Build your own Chinese Dragon boat. Hang your Mugworts and Calmus. (Both are plants)

November 2nd Day of the Dead

Nov. 2nd Day of the Dead Day

Today marks the end of the Day of the Dead in Mexico. It is celebrated beginning on October 31st. The Day of the Dead may date back to Aztec Festivals where one remembers the dead by building altars and placing the favorite foods of the departed in remembrance of them, and to help them with the spiritual journey as they move on in life. Yes, I said life because to those who believe in the festival, those that have died are still on a journey to reach their final resting place. It is considered a part of life, not the end of it. It certainly keeps the memories of those who have passed on before us alive!

How to celebrate – Visit Mexico. Dress up in Day of the Dead festive outfits. Remember those who have passed on fondly.

October 7th Octoberfest

Well if you have been waiting all year to celebrate Octoberfest today is the last day of the 2 week festival so you’d better get busy! That means a lot of beer! This year it started on September 2nd and ends today, October 7th. (Ah, isn’t that more than two weeks?) Oh well, we are using the German calendar anyway.


The celebration has spread all over the world but it is still a celebration of the marriage of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese of Sachsen-Hildburghansen. (Personally I think she married him just to get a new name. I know I would!)  Their marriage was celebrated in the Munich area for two weeks.


That was originally October 12th, 1810. Well, any reason for a good party I suppose. But it’s not all about beer. Everything you admire about Germany is celebrated during this festival. The food, the costumes and, of course, the beverages.


The dates change. That must have really made it difficult on Ludwig to remember the anniversary of his marriage. Seriously though, the music and fun is worth the wait, whatever date it may be and if you do happen to have enough beer you won’t miss those two weeks anyway, even if they take a month or more to go by.


And look at the really cool hats you get to wear too!

How to celebrate – Visit a German Octoberfest. Throw your own German festival. Have a beer and a pretzel.