June 21st Father’s Day

The 3rd Sunday of June is reserved for Father’s Day. Probably the only person in the world that needs to be reminded of this day is… your father! It was first celebrated in Spokane, Washington on May 18th, 1910. I am not sure how it ended up in June but it did so just deal with it, that is sort of like being a dad. We think of Mother’s Day as probably being more important and most fathers would agree with that. Being a father is often more about being there than making a statement about it. A father protects his family, tries to provide for it and just wants to be there without getting in the way. We may not always understand why our fathers do what they do but we generally remember that they did it. Thank your father for just doing it, whatever it is.

How to celebrate – Remind your father that today is father’s day. Think of all the good things your father has done for you. Plan something special for your dad realizing that they do not want you to go out of your way.

June 17th Father’s Day

Well, we’ve already had Mother’s Day so we might as well move on to Father’s Day. It seems like a lot of us celebrate the day because we are expected to. We give Dad a tie or a golf club, fix his favorite meal or let him sleep in but that means we are missing the point. Dad’s, however, are people too.


We may not show it as much, we may not fix all the boo-boos and prepare the every night meals but it does not mean we love our kids any less, it’s just in a different way. Dad’s are supposed to show strength, temperance and logic, even if they are none of those things themselves.


Dad’s are often quiet when it comes to raise children. It’s not because they don’t care, it’s because they seem to think others know better. But they are there, supportive and doing the best they know how to do. (Of course there are exceptions) The day was created in Spokane, Washington on May 18th, 1910. Somehow it got moved to June (And Dad was okay with that) and became the third Sunday in June.


I know in my case, my Dad tried to teach things he thought were important, things that interested him and things he knew I would benefit from. Some took, other things didn’t but I do remember the Christmas that he first gave me a gift from him. I think I was thirty or so and the gift was a hammer. It meant more to me than any other gift I had gotten to that point and I still have it today.


No, Dad’s aren’t perfect. They make a lot of mistakes and sometime even say, or do, the wrong things. But you know what, it doesn’t matter. They are your father and all they want is your love.

How to celebrate – Just tell your dad you love them… no ties, no golf club… give them your own hammer.

July 7th Father Daughter Take A Walk Day

A father and son can play sports together, games together, and enjoy some of the same hobbies. Fathers and daughters share something completely different. That does not mean they cannot share the same sports, games, and hobbies because they obviously can, but fathers are more protective of their little girls and it teaches the girls how to wrap a man around their fingers.

Now that sounds bad but it isn’t because generally speaking, the man wants to be all wrapped up! Have you ever noticed how boys will get mad at each other, have a fight, and ten minutes later be playing with each other again? Where girls have a fight that might last for weeks, if not years. But then boys get mad quickly and girls take longer.


Now it comes as no surprise that women like to talk more than most men. There is a lot that can be learned from what they are saying, little secrets escape during the most elementary conversations. If you listen closely enough you can hear them describe where they have been, where they are, and where they intend to go. Walking seems to free this thought process up even more. Maybe it’s the effort it takes, or something that loosens up the tongue, but things get said that might not otherwise be said.

father and little daughter walking on sunset beach
Silhouette of father and little daughter walking on sunset beach

If you start these father/daughter walks young they will continue.


Even when they are no longer little. And if you are lucky enough they will last until that final official walk where you give your daughter away.


And daughters, remember that dad spent all your lifetime trying to protect you and make you happy. That will never stop, even when he needs you to protect him.

Fathers have a lot to teach their daughters to help make them better women. Daughters have a lot to teach fathers to be better men. And it seems that the lessons are better learned, better retained, and mean so much more when you are moving forward, which is exactly what you do on a walk.

How to celebrate: Take your daughter for a walk no matter how old she is (however, if you do not have a daughter I do not suggest taking someone elses daughter for a walk without permission, it won’t end well). Listen to what she has to say on the walk. Daughters take your fathers for a walk, they deserve your undivided attention even if it’s just for  few minutes.