July 30th Father-In-Law Day

If you are married, you have, or have had, a father-in-law. For some unknown reason we tend to be scared of them but they normally are among some of the most friendly, helpful people you’ll ever know. In an odd case, my father-in-law is younger than I am! Figure that one out! But he is also one of the best people I have ever met and he is always there when needed. My neighbor’s sister-in-law’s father takes care of her yard just because he cares. Their efforts to make life better for all those around them is amazing and a day like today is a chance to say thank you, even though they do not expect it.

How to celebrate – Throw your father-in-law a party. Take your father-in-law to lunch. Just be thankful for all the people who are there for you.

July 30th National Father-In-Law Day

Today we celebrate that long lost hero, our father-in-law. We hear a lot about our mother-in-law, of course our mothers and our fathers… but not much about our father -in-law. That guy that generally sits in the corner keeping to himself and trying desperately not to get in the way.

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I don’t know about you but I really appreciate my father-in-law.  He is always there to be supportive but never forces his will, or thoughts, on me. That’s really cool. He is more like a friend than a father-in-law. In my case, like a best friend.

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Now I have to admit my situation is a little unusual. My father-in-law is younger than me. A little weird, huh? Well, it works out well. (My wife is 19 years younger than me) That said, I still notice other father-in-laws being really cool people anyway. I got really lucky, but most seem to live and let live.

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Now, in thinking of Father-In-Laws I got wondering about Joseph and Mary. Yes, they had their own parents and in-laws… but Jesus’ Father is God. So if anyone had married Jesus, not that it would have ever happened, that would have made God someone’s Father-In-Law. Wow.

How to celebrate – Appreciate your father-in-law. Surprise him by throwing him a party! Make a list of all the help he has given you without expecting a thing in return.