October 2nd World Farm Animals Day

Today was created back in 1985 by the Farm Animal Rights Movement, a not-for-profit, to honor Mahatma Ghandi. I never put the two things together before today, Mahatma Ghandi and Farm Animals. All animals should have rights though, maybe farm animals before the wild animals because they do serve us. Having grown up on a farm we always tried to treat our animals fairly and yes it was tough to eat one that had earlier been a friend. They do make you think about being a vegetarian. Animals do have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness though I am not sure we need to grant them the vote.

How to celebrate – See how many farm animals you can name. Take a farm animal to lunch. Study the life of Mahatma Ghandi.

March 14th National AG Day

National AG Day – March 14th

The Agricultural Council of America (ACA) is celebrating the 46th year of celebrating all the earth has to offer us. Naturally man has learned how to harness the energy of Mother Nature, and with the help of the Agricultural Societies, make food supplies better and safer for all mankind. It is just as much about what we return to the earth as what we take from it. While most of us do not think of farming as a science, it is.

How to celebrate – Read about the art of Agriculture. Plant a garden of your own today. Visit a farm in your area. Visit a petting zoo. Milk a cow.

September 22nd International Rabbit Day

At first, I thought Bugs Bunny created today, but he didn’t. he was created out of the international world’s love for rabbits. The day was created by “Rabbit Charity” in the UK, which sadly seems to have disappeared.


Rabbits are one of the most docile animals in the world. There bear no one, or thing, an ill will. Farmers get ad at them because they eat the fruit and vegetables the farmers grow but it’s not the rabbit’s fault… they are only doing what comes naturally to them.


Bunnies are the third most popular pet in the world, coming in just after dogs and cats. They do bite, but only if you get too close to their food or if you hurt them. They are soft and cuddly and while they probably would rather just be left alone to do their thing, they do make pretty good pets.

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Even most other animals get along with them, though some find them tasty for lunch. There are 49 different types of rabbits. Well 50 if you count Bugs. Most of us can’t name them and most of us don’t care. They have pretty much populated the world and can live in nearly any environment.


And they make most people happy. Real or imagined, and particularly at Easter.

How to celebrate – See how many varieties of rabbits you can name. Get a rabbit for a pet. Admire Mother Nature’s creatures.