March 10th Middle Name Pride Day

Your middle name is something you should take pride in. It meant something to your parents to give you that name, normally a family member or some special event that happened in their lives.


Now I know some of the names are a little weird. I lucked out because my first name came from one grandfather and my middle name came from the other and neither were that strange. Actually they were a little common.


And, I am sure as is the case with most of you, when my middle name came into play I knew I was in trouble. There were two names in deep water, not just one! And as would naturally follow, that was twice as much of an issue. When I was in a band performing, I used my middle name as though it was my first, so if somebody didn’t like what I did it wouldn’t seem like it was me they were cutting down.


And I have always been amazed at people who would never give their middle names because they thought they were terrible and it turned out that those names were like Ann or Bobby. What is wrong with those names? It’s not like Killer or Meathead or Sue! (Just kidding about Sue)


What is even worse is when your middle name fits but you don’t want it too! Like Sassy or Naughty or Bigfoot… not that I have ever known anyone with those middle names.

How to celebrate – Proudly enjoy your middle name! Research why you were given that name. Choose your child’s middle name wisely before giving it to them.