February 26th National Tell A Fairy Tale Day

National Tell A Fairy Tale Day – February 26th

Fairy Tales are oral history handed down over time. Of course, they are embellished a little and a lot of the truth may have been removed, they mostly started from some real source. For example, Snow White is based on the life of Margarette von Waldek who lived in Germany where her family was involved in mining. Children were used to go down the narrow passages, becoming the Dwarves in the Fairy Tale. Waldek fell in love with a Prince but died before they could be united.

How to celebrate – Read a Fairy Tale. Study the real truth behind your favorite Fairy Tales. Make someone dream come true.

May 1st Mother Goose Day

Wow, all I can say is that researching this day was one of the most confusing explanations I have ever come across in my life.  Maybe that’s because no one knows who the original authors are and the fact that many known authors have added to the fairy tales since the first tales were published.

It seems that some of the stories have been around since the late 1500’s.  Many were probably handed down prior to that.  Some of the fairy tales may have been based on “Mother Hubbard” by Edmund Spencer in 1590’s England.  However, even “Mother Hubbard” told stories people were familiar with prior to it’s release.  “Mother Bunch” added stories as well in the 1690’s. Charles Perrault published a book with some of the tales he created in 1695.  Thomas Carlin a Mother Goose in either 1780 or 1781 by the Stationer’s Company.  A so called second edition came out in 1837 claiming to be a Flemish version by John Bellenden Ker Gawler.   The Brothers Grimm got involved with their hatred of children in the 19th century.  Yes I said hatred.  They were attempting to scare children with their stories, not make them sleep easier.

Mother Goose has been a goose…

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… and has been a grandmother…

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…   perhaps based on King Robert II’s wife “Bertha la Fileuse” her translated name meaning Bertha the Spinner , or Goose Foot Bertha.  Even early America clams some of the glory saying Moose Goose was based on Elizabeth Foster Goose, better known as Mary Goose who lived in Boston from 1665-1758.

So you figure it out because I am tired of trying!  Anyway, it is clear that Mother Goose Day was established in 1987 and it included such classic as as “Little Red Riding Hood”, “Cinderella”, “Puss in Boots” and “Sleeping Beauty”.

How to celebrate:  Read, or re-read, the Mother Goose Fairy Tales. Try and list as many of the nursery rhymes as you can without looking them up.  Make up a few nursery rhymes of your own.