February 14th Ferris Wheel Day

Yes, I know it’s Valentine’s Day, but anyone can suggest you celebrate the day for lovers. I am suggesting you try celebrating Ferris Wheel Day. That’s not something everyone does and you can even take your Valentine along for a ride if you want! George Washington Gale Ferris created the world’s first Ferris Wheel (Perhaps why it is named for him) for the 1893 World’s Colombian Exhibition. I’m pretty sure the world’s first vomit bag was created shortly there after. However, there are many people who love the Ferris Wheel, soaring above the crowds, an opportunity to look down on others and a great way to be alone (sort of) with your Valentine!

How to celebrate – Find a Ferris Wheel near you. Visit a local county fair! Design your own Ferris Wheel.

December 7th National Cotton Candy Day

Often called Fairy Floss (Floss being sugar) cotton candy has become an American favorite ever since William Morrison and John C. Wharton who invented the cotton candy machine in 1899. It took off at the St. Louis World’s Fair in 1904 and has been a part of every kind of American fair since then. The melt in your mouth, sticky candy on a cone remains one of America’s favorite treats even more than a hundred years later.

How to celebrate – Have some cotton candy. Get your own cotton candy machine. Go to a fair. (If you can find one)

October 28th Plush Animal Lover’s Day

Who doesn’t love a plush animal? They are easy to take care of, never make a mess of their own (forget the times they get ripped open and their stuffing gets all over the place, it’s not their fault) and don’t eat a lot… if at all.

yellow alpacasso

Somehow they make you feel better when times are difficult, they make the good times even better and they can show off your talents at the fair. They never actually pass on, listen to all our stupid problems and are really good friends when we need them most.


And they never talk back. They can create your own forest without all the trees, a flock of sheep that don’t require a shepherd and even sea creatures without all that water! And they always seem to be happy! There’s a plus! Sure they sleep a lot but they are talented because they can sleep with their eyes open!

images (1)

So like I said, who doesn’t love a plush animal. Even most animals love plush animals. Who can forget their first teddy bear? Who can forget that first plush given in love or received in love? Who can forget that shock when you first looked at the price tag on that stuffed animal?

How to celebrate – Remember back to your first plush animal. Make your own plush animal out of a sock. Take your favorite stuffed animal to lunch.