August 20th National Radio Day

Over the years some many people have claimed to have invented the radio that no one today actually knows when it was invented, other than it was in the late 1800’s. Before television, the radio was the chef source of news and entertainment. It has remained popular though a lot of it’s use is now limited to when people use their cars, and even then it is becoming more and more limited. Some may even remember back to Orson Welles presentation of “The War of the Worlds” on radio where many people believed the earth was being invaded by beings from another planet. There were suicides and panic before the radio networks were able to get the word out it was just a play being performed on the radio. And nearly every new phase of music has been introduced over the radio waves.

How to celebrate – Listen to a radio at some point during the day. Imagine your world without television or internet. Listen to some of the old routines available only on radio format.

April 27th Tell A Story Day

With all that is going on right now telling stories is a must, whether it is telling them professionally or just to get your children to go to bed. Campfire ghost stories have always been a favorite. They can be made up stories or come from books, it doesn’t matter. If you think about it, movies and television shows are nothing but stories made up (Or come from real life experiences). And so, here again, I shamelessly plug my short story, “Why the Evergreen’s Stay Green.” (Available on ebooks at Amazon) Anyway, tell your kids a good story, or adults and let them get their minds off their troubles… Lord knows, we could all use that!

How to celebrate – Tell a story. Write a story. Make up a story that tells your family history.

December 28th Card Playing Day

Now that the major part of the holidays are done it’s time to relax (although New Years is still yet to come). One of the best ways to relax, and still keep your mind busy, is to play cards (maybe not poker though). Playing cards is a fun way to pass the time and carry on conversations while not sitting around doing nothing. It can be challenging, somewhat exciting and always contains a bit of luck. Kids can spend hours playing cards, some games like slap jack and spoons can get a little noisy but if it happens to be snowing outside, or too cold to go out, it’s a good way to contain their energy. Cards also keep your mind sharp.

How to celebrate – Play a card game. Organize a Bridge tournament. Learn a new card game.

September 12th National Video Games Day

Ya, ya, I know… we just had one of these days in July but why not another now! After all, there are more games to buy and enjoy, possibly even get addicted to! The video game companies need our money and apparently, we are willing to give it to them! Now I admit, I play video games. I am told I get a little over anxious playing these games but…. isn’t it all about winning!?! Or maybe it’s supposed to be having fun playing the game whether you win or not – although winning is fun too! Anyway, setting aside a couple of days a year to do nothing but play your games really isn’t all that much… that is if you don’t play them hours on end all the other days of the year.

How to celebrate – Play the video games you love to play. Check into new video games on the market. Find family friendly games the entire family can play.

April 27th National Tell A Story Day

Kids love to hear stories, adults love to hear stories… even some animals love to hear stories. I think it may have to do with the fact we are actually spending time with someone (Or something) rather than being off doing our own thing. This is one tradition that has been handed down over the years that machines can really replace. Yes, machines can tell a story but it really needs the human element to be appreciated. If the story has pictures, all the better. Remember those ghost stories you use to tell out by a campfire? Well, many of them have been turned into movies and television shows. Some get turned into novels and others are just retold and retold until the children they are being old to have them memorized. Now the US and he UK have a difference of opinion when today is to be celebrated. We here in the US celebrate in April while the UK chooses October for their day. Exactly 6 months from each other. I wonder if there is a story to be told there.

How to celebrate – Tell someone a story today. Research stories that you believe your family members will be interested in. Learn to use different voices for the different characters.

October 23rd National TV Talk Show Host Day

Today we celebrate all those tv show hosts that have come and gone before us, and that still keep us awake at night. Most of them use to entertain us, now most of them tell us how we should think and who we should be. They are obviously far better than the rest of us, they know more, have more intelligence and have earned the right to lead us by example.


Today was set for one of the greats at late night entertainment, Johnny Carson. This is his birthday and he was probably the best known face on the plant from 1962-1992. He hosted the tonight show for 29 years, 7 months and 21 days. That was 1,859 episodes. He made us laugh, cry and kept his nose out of politics and telling us how we should live. He did not pass judgement on us, or anyone else, and brought joy into our lives.


Then there was Larry King… not as popular maybe because he was more political. He didn’t really seem to side with one group or another, normally finding fault with them all! That’s fair, at least he didn’t sell out to the latest fade.


Nor did he grow a beard and look like Longfellow. But then, who shouldn’t? Of course, a long beard makes you look more intelligent and wiser. But then, most of the late night shows aren’t really all that entertaining anymore and if you watch one you got a pretty good idea of what they all are saying. So it does make it easier and there’s a lot less channel surfing.

images (2)

There are still a few who want to do good and make people laugh. Not many, but a few. I leave it to you to figure out which they are. Or, maybe just go to bed early so you don’t have to listen to any of them! After all, if you stop watching they will go away! Ah, just kidding, they know they are smarter than us, they tell us every night!

How to celebrate – Stay up all night and watch your favorite tv show talk host. Go out and live a little! Go to bed early so you can get up early tomorrow!


November 14th Young Readers Day

Nov 14 Young Readers Day


Always the second Tuesday in November. This day was founded by Pizza Hut and the Center for the Book in the Library of Congress. I guess this has something to do with being able to read their menu at Pizza Hut!


It is a fact that young readers will grow up to be better adults. They will know more, understand more and be able to cope with change better than those who do not. We all want a better life for our children than we have had of our own and the best way to insure this is to make sure they spend time reading.


How to celebrate – Start your youngest children off by reading to them, it will help support their own reading as they grow older. Discuss the books your children are reading with them, they love to show off what they have learned. Keep a library of books your children have read so they have a visual reference to their accomplishment.


October 7th International Frugal Fun Day

It seems as of late society has determined that to have fun you have to spend money, and with business the way it is… you have to spend a lot of money. While I am certain that all the fun purchased is well worth the expenditure (not) being cheap can be fun too!

Playing board games that you stored away ten years ago when they got boring because of all the fast paced game you can plan electronically is a great way to be cheap and have fun at the same time. Since you haven’t played them in years you have to re-learn yu strategies and even the rules!

Having a simple party with hot dogs and salad is a cheap way to have a party and not spend a fortune on food and decorations. While the elite may not like this sort of party most people enjoy a good hot dog and of course the salad is good for them.

Today was created by Shel Horowitz, the author of “The Penny-Pinching Hedonist: How To Live Like Royalty With A Peasant’s Pocketbook.” A true penny-pincher would have come up with a short title!

Still, the fact is we spend way too much on entertainment and normally don’t get all that entertained. Theme parks are up over 100 dollars a day and even movies cost a normal family a small fortune. Find a way to celebrate today without spending a lot of money and still ave a good time.

How to celebrate- Go for a walk. Take the family to the beach. (Provided there is one a reasonable distance away.) Break out those old board games and enjoy them again.

May 6th Free Comic Book Day

The first known comics appeared in 18th century Japan, by the 1930’s they became popular in the United States. On the first Saturday in May free comic books are given out at select comic books stores across America (And Europe) by the North American Comic Book industry. (No, you can’t just go in and get which ever comic book you want.)


The idea came from an article written in the August 2001 issue of Comic & Games Retailer by Joe Field. He operated “Flying Colors Comics” in Concord, California. The idea caught on and put into practice by the Diamond Comic Distributors (The worlds largest comic book distributors) in 2002. Today over 7,000 retailers participate in some 30 countries.


When comics first came out they were basically for children’s entertainment. Basically every super hero the world has ever know came out of comic books. Some have been the pure imagination of the author, others are based on actual historical characters (with a few alteration) or mythological legends.


While most are pure fiction, some mix historical facts into their pages. They are entertaining, but can also be educational, a sly way of teaching kids while they think they are having fun.


But some comics are definitely not for children at all! (Some are even a little mature for most adults!) Like practically anything originally designed to be innocent and fun, it can be taken to a very dark side perverting what was originally intended.

Some of the top producers of comics in the world are Dark Horse, Top Cow, Marvel, Image Comics, Mad Magazine, Blank Slate Books and Drawn & Quartered.

How to celebrate – Go to a comic book store and get your free comic! (I am sure the very first ones are already collectable) Re-read any comic books you may have saved from your youth. Make sure the comics your children are reading are what you think they are.

October 23rd National T. V. Talk Show Host Day

Today is the day we honor those men and women who have been, and are, hosts for television shows. The date selected is the anniversary of John William “Johnny” Carson’s birthday, the host of the “Tonight Show” from 1962 to 1992 – 30 years of entertaining people and introducing new acts to America, and the world.

Late Night with Conan O'Brien - Season 1

The first ever television talk show host was Joe Franklin, also a radio show host, in 1951. He was the beginning of hundreds to follow, the most famed of course being Johnny Carson. But even the tonight show had other hosts before Johnny Carson.


Steve Allen was host of the “Tonight Show” prior to Johnny Carson and was almost as popular. The shows, starting in 1954, were filled with skits and comedy and generally entertaining for all. They were very different from the politically motivated shows of today. No one was trying to make a point, they were simply there to entertain.

Secrets of the Dead: Dick CavettÕs Watergate

Another of the greats was Dick Cavett, leading the way for others to follow. These men rarely passed judgement on anyone else and generally stayed civil in all their conversations.


Jack Paar was another of the pioneers of early television talk shows.

Maybe it is just me but I wish those days were back.

How to celebrate – See if you can find reruns of the old talks shows. Start a talk show of your own on a public access station. Come up with some great characters like Johnny Carson did.