January 10th National Take the Stairs Day

If you want to move up in the world, take the stairs. They may not be as easy as the elevator or as daring as being catapulted into space, but they are steady and they are healthier. Those who take the stairs get where they are going based on a solid foundation.


Now if you see stairs going up but can’t see where they lead they are probably okay. I would not take stairs leading down that you have no idea of what you might land on. The day was originally created January 6th, 2016 and established as the second Wednesday in January. January 6th was not even close to the second Wednesday in the month and no one seems to know who created it, but here it is January 10th this year and it is National Take the Stairs Day.

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Really though, if you would use the stairs instead of riding the escalator (Which are sort of stairs anyway) or the elevator you will help yourself considerably. You will burn calories, build muscle and it might even give you time to think. (Though you may be thinking… “Why didn’t I take the elevator?”)

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And you have to consider the person that got there before the stairs were built. They actually had to build them, or have them built. What was so important up there that they had to get to it!?! Aren’t mountains themselves sort of like stairs?


If you’ve ever been caught in an elevator that stopped working you probably would tend to use the stairs more and there are places to reach that only a set of stairs can get you there.

How to celebrate – Take the stairs today. Build a set of stairs in your house, even if they don’t lead anywhere. Put climbing stairs as a part of your health regimen.