March 5th Multiple Personality Day

Do you ever find yourself talking to yourself? Do you ever find yourself listening to yourself, as though you are two different people? I think all of us have multiple personalities. We have the personality that deals with those we work with, with our friends and with our family. It’s when we don’t realize they are different that we have a problem. And sometimes it’s fun to have multiple personalities so long as we know how to turn them on and off.

How to celebrate – Count how many personalities you have. Name your personalities. Use your personalities well.

October 19th Evaluate Your Life Day

Well, here’s another fine day that comes to us from the organizaton. Evaluate Your Life Day. This sounds like fun! Though I am not sure how they are going to profit form it, but I am sure there must be someway.


I’m not exactly exactly sure we are capable of evaluating ourselves. We should know our strengths and weakness’. Of course, how those things effect others is kinda hard to see since we normally blame everyone else and not ourselves. That’s perfect for the world today where everyone else is wrong except for us.


But maybe we should take a look inward, at who we really are ourselves and try to find a way to improve ourselves. After-all, we really can’t change someone else, we can only change ourselves. “Let he who is without sin, cast the first stone.” There are a lot of rocks flying out there but, are any of them hitting the right target?


We are not as good as we think we are, nor as bad. We are just people, flawed, just a lot of us don’t realize that. So maybe today is a good day to reflect on who we really are. But we have to be honest with ourselves too. It is great to make yourself better, so long as it doesn’t make someone else miserable.


It is only alright to tell someone else they are wrong when you first understand what is wrong with yourself. Come to that understanding of yourself, and then you can advise others about what they are doing wrong. I really doubt Wellcat understands this because they only try to profit from every day they create.

How to celebrate – Improve yourself. Reflect on what you do. Stop worrying about yourself, worry about others.

June 18th National Splurge Day

You owe it to yourself to splurge every once in a while, and since you need to, today is the day. You don’t have to go hog wild (Whatever that means) just do something, eat something or try something you normally would pass on.

images (2)

Yes, it will probably cost you something but sometimes it’s healthy to spend on yourself the same way you would to others. Buy yourself that gift that no one else has picked up your hints on or treat yourself to something you really want but have been denying yourself.

images (3)

Okay, you may not want to do it all the time. That could get costly. But one day is okay, unless you are thinking of buying a yacht you can’t afford or eat more than what your stomach will hold. You may not want to over do it, if you’ll still be paying for it by the time Splurge Day comes around again next year.

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But it is healthy to fulfill some of your dreams occasionally. It allows you to know things are always within reach, even if you have to save for them or struggle to achieve them. And it will always benefit others as well! It benefits the salesperson, the store, your family and those around you!


No, money can’t buy happiness… but it can get you close! Buy, do or say something you normally wouldn’t today… you’ll feel better for it. Today was created by Eventologist Adrienne Sioux Koopersmith.

How to celebrate – Do something you normally wouldn’t do. Buy something you normally wouldn’t buy. Eat something you normally wouldn’t eat.