April 16th National Eggs Benedict Day

Eggs Benedict were originally meant to feed the rich, and famous, a lush breakfast most could not afford. It is made from eggs, Hollandaise sauce and Canadian bacon on an English muffin. It was first made in New York City either for Mrs. LeGrand Benedict in 1893 or for Mr. Lemuel Benedict in 1894. Delmonico’s in New York City also lays claim to Eggs Benedict but states it was on their menu in their 1860’s. Who knows, and frankly, besides those laying claim to it, who cares!?! It is a delicious way to start your day. Does anybody know who Mrs. Benedict or Mr. Benedict were? Too bad it wasn’t Benedict Arnold!

How to celebrate – Have Eggs Benedict today. (It doesn’t have to be for breakfast) Visit New York City. Visit Delmonico’s and see if Eggs Benedict is on the menu!

June 3rd National Egg Day

June 3rd National Egg Day

Which came first, the chicken or the egg, the alligator or the egg, the snake or the egg… well, you get he picture. The egg is often considered the perfect food. It contains protein and amino acids but no carbohydrates or sugar. You can have them for breakfast, lunch or dinner and in some extreme conditions, even a snack. Still you have to wonder, who first saw an egg and said, “yum… that looks good enough to eat”. Probably by watching animals!

How to celebrate – Count how many ways you can cook eggs. Have an egg fest party. Make up as make puns using eggs as you can.

April 21st Easter Sunday

For Christians today is the day Jesus arose from the dead showing that God could even defeat death. It is a great day of celebration as it should be. The cross and Empty Tomb is the symbol of Easter for Christians. While Easter Service is a tradition for most.

Other symbols and traditions have crept in. The day is filled with colorful eggs that are hidden so they smell really bad when you do actually find them, chocolate, jelly beans, and Peeps. Did you know that over 1.5 billion Peeps are sold yearly, most at Easter since it is also tied to the Goddess Eastre, who is symbolized as a bunny (funny how that worked out).

How to celebrate – Go to church. Hide Easter eggs. Celebrate the Resurrection with a family party.

July 4th Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

July 4th Sidewalk Egg Frying Day

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Yes, the summer is so hot you can fry an egg on the sidewalk. Not exactly sure why you would want to but… okay. I think the point is, it’s hot. Never mind it is the 4th of July and our nations birthday, the important thing is… can you fry that egg and how long will it take.


Then, who is going to eat it? Not me! It will probably have a lot of ash in it from the fireworks you have missed since you were looking down instead of up!


How to celebrate – Get some eggs. Crack them on the sidewalk to cook. Enjoy.

June 26th National Chocolate Pudding Day

It’s National Chocolate Pudding Day! For those who love chocolate pudding this day must be Heaven on Earth. Of course, you can have chocolate pudding everyday but then it’s not a national holiday like today.

Chocolate pudding is made from milk, sugar, and chocolate, with a little vanilla added to even out the flavor. Add flour or cornstarch and you have pudding!  Add eggs and you have custard!


The first mention of chocolate pudding came in, Mary Harris Frazer’s Kentucky Recipe Book, in 1903. Another recipe appeared in, Fanny Farmer’s Boston Cooking School Book, in 1918.  Both recipes used eggs instead of cornstarch though (doesn’t that make it custard???)

Anyway, in 1934, General Foods (Jello) started producing chocolate pudding for the public. It was a prepared mix you had called, “Walter Baker’s Dessert”(remembering Baker’s chocolate). Then it was up to you whether or not to make chocolate pudding or chocolate custard.  In 1936, for some unexplained reason they changed the name to “Pickle’s Pudding”.  I am betting that chocolate pudding sales went down!


Chocolate pudding is used in many cake recipes to make them moist and full of flavor. This is very popular in the UK. Heck, it’s  actually very popular anywhere.


There’s also chocolate pudding pie.  Maybe not as popular but still good.


And of course there is the dark chocolate pudding, adding a little mint and a raspberry or two, just for good measure.

Chocolate pudding is readily available today under the label Jello, made by Kraft Foods and Snack Packs by Hunts.

How to celebrate: Have a chocolate bar, it’s easier. Go to your local gas station and buy a package of chocolate pudding and share it with the mechanic. Add a little whip cream to your chocolate pudding and live on the edge.

April 16th National Eggs Benedict Day

You’ve slept all night, fasting because it’s really hard to eat while you are asleep.  You wake up and want something different, something that rich people might eat. (Of course if you are already rich just imagine being hungry)  How about Eggs Benedict!  Perfectly poached eggs served over Canadian bacon all on top of an English muffin and covered in Hollandaise sauce.  Beats the heck out of a bowl of cereal!

Here’s a recipe for those who don’t know how to make it.  Eggs Benedict

Now no one knows where Eggs Benedict actually came from.  The first mention of it appears in New York City over 100 years ago.  It is credited to either Mrs. LeGrand Benedict in 1893 or Mr. Lemuel Benedict, 1894.  I thought it came from St. Benedict, shows you how much I know about it.

It has been proven that a good breakfast will start your day off right.  You’ll have more energy, feel better and be in a much more civil mood.  If you eat too much, you may also choose to go back to bed and take a nap.  The best way to cover yourself if the latter happens is to take your boss a plate of Eggs Benedict while asking their forgiveness!

Even though it is National Eggs Benedict Day there is no record of Congress, or a president, making the holiday official.  Maybe it would make a good slogan for a would be presidential contender.  “I promise I will officially make April 16th a day when everyone in the country, no everyone in the world, will sit down to  breakfast of Eggs Benedict!