Dec. 2nd Walt Disney Day

December 2nd Walt Disney Day

Walt Disney was born In 1901, he became an artist and creator after returning from service in the Red Cross during World War 1. There is little doubt that he founded the worlds largest entertainment industry when he created Mickey Mouse. His dynasty was known as the “Happiest Place on Earth” and may still be but it is definitely different than what he started. Is it better or worse, well you be the judge of that. There is no doubt that he set out to make the world better place for everyone and he succeeded. He suffered for his art, struggled against the odds and prevailed. We honor his memory the first Monday of December.

How to celebrate – Read more about Walt Disney’s life. Visit one of Disney’s parks. Watch his original works on you tube.

June 9th National Donald Duck Day

One of Disney’s most beloved characters made his first appearance on June 9th, 1934… Donald Fauntleroy Duck, “The Wise Hen” episode. Mickey obviously needed some company. I am sure Walt felt this new character would ‘quack’ everyone up, and he did. If you think about most of Disney’s characters, originally, they were creatures not often thought of as friendly household creatures. Mice and duck were never animals that you kept in your house as a pet. (Well, almost never) There is some irony that over the years we have invited them in our homes weekly via the television.

How to celebrate – Go to Disneyland or Disney World. Watch “The Wise Hen”. See how many of Donald’s relatives you can list without looking them up.

August 28th Race Your Mouse Day

Well, the people at created today. I am not exactly sure what they meant but I assume it has something to do with your computer and playing a game of some sort where you use your mouse. Like we don’t have enough to do!?!


However, if you finish your work early you might be able to play a game or two, or if you are really, really bored at home. I suppose it is better than watching a pot of water ready to boil. But maybe, just maybe they mean something else by it.


Perhaps they meant that you should watch your cat chase a mouse today. See who wins the race. Cats seem to be one of the creatures on earth that love to make the kill just for the fun of it. I’m not sure it really would make it as a spectators game, but then there are people who like to watch that sort of thing I suppose.


Or maybe they mean to go to Disneyland or Disney World and race Mickey Mouse around the park! That sort of makes sense and could be a lot of fun. The only real issue here is not getting arrested as you chase Mickey, or Minnie around. I would bet you could win this race… it gets awfully hot inside those costumes and the character actors could not last long if running at full speed.


Well, however you interpret Wellcat’s meaning, today is your day to race your mouse. Just remember, make it sporting, maybe a little more challenging than the Mayweather McGregor fight Saturday night.  Or better yet maybe make your day even more productive and take a nap!

How to celebrate – Find a computer game that allows you to use your mouse in a race. Find a mouse, and a cat if you don;t already have one, and let the races begin! Find another hobby.