June 1st Dinosaur Day

June 1st Dinosaur Day

Dinosaurs appeared on earth some 245 million years ago. They went extinct about 66 million years ago. The only way to find them today is to dig them up or watch them in the movies. There were at least 750 species and there may have been over 1,000. They had a lot of time to evolve into new species. There are hundreds of reasons they may have disappeared… weather, volcanoes, illness, loss of habitat… no one really knows for sure. Apparently, no one really knows exactly when this holiday occurs either. It changes every year and there is more than one day each year selected to celebrate our dinosaurs.

How to celebrate – Start a list of dinosaurs and see how many of the 750 minimum you can name without looking them up. Watch a movie about dinosaurs. Become a paleontologist.

October 17th National Fossil Day

This week is Earth Science Week and every Wednesday of Earth Science Week is National Fossil Day. (It only comes once a year) But if you think about it this is an important day, after-all, some animal, or person, gave their all to make today possible.

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And if it wasn’t for fossils, we wouldn’t ever have had a Jurassic Park movie! Not 1, 2 or 3… 4, 5 or 6! We can learn a lot from fossils… like never bring them back to life! And we wouldn’t have oil if not for those fossils. Geez, there must have been a lot of them!


Today was created by the National Park Service which actually makes it a National holiday! Now I am actually big into history, we do have a lot to learn from history and fossils are a part of history. It is amazing that creatures so large, and so violent, could have walked he earth at one time.


Although, since we weren’t around back then maybe it is us that made them violent, our imagination which made them so mean and horrifying. Maybe they were nice and loved each other. Although, one look at them and they did look a little scary.


I am not sure what we learn from an animal that went extinct except maybe how not to go extinct ourselves. But, I am not sure what we learn will save us from massive fires and a world wide flood.

How to celebrate – Spend the week learning about science. Become a paleontologist. Give your pet dinosaur a hug.