July 7th National Strawberry Sundae Day

There is little doubt that the fruit of summer is the strawberry. Yes blueberries and raspberries come in second and third but the over all King of Fruit for summer is, the strawberry.


The strawberry is very, very good on it’s own. Add a little sugar and it makes it sweeter. Or you can go all the way and turn it into a sundae. Ice cream, whipped cream and (Since you have already made up the strawberries) the juice of the strawberry. You may even want to sprinkle the top with a few chopped nuts.


Most strawberry sundaes are made with vanilla ice cream but why not take it a step further and use strawberry ice cream! After all, we are talking about celebrating the strawberry here.

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It is refreshing, so cool and (unless you are allergic to them) so tempting. It’s a party in your mouth with every bite. It’s easy to make, quick to prepare and a delight to enjoy. What more could you want!?!

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Well, let’s add cake to that sundae and make it a strawberry shortcake! Now we’re talkin’!

How to celebrate – Well, itsn’t it obvious! Get some strawberries! Get some whipped cream! Get busy eating!

December 15th National Lemon Cupcake Day

As we approach Christmas we may not have the time to make complicated deserts with all the shopping, wrapping and snow shoveling to do. The simple answer is making cupcakes (Or better yet, just buying them in the store). Though that said, there is nothing like smelling a fresh cupcake being baked.


Cupcakes are little more than butter, sugar, eggs and flour. As simple as they are, they really didn’t appear on earth until Amelia Simmons revealed them in her cook book, American Cookery in 1796. I would have thought cupcakes came about a lot earlier, and maybe they did but were just not mentioned.


Now you can use practically any flavoring you want… strawberry, chocolate, vanilla, avocado… but lemon is is probably one of the most favorite flavors ever created. It is light and yet filling (Cause of the cake!) and generally accepted by practically everyone. Here’s a recipe for you.


There’s not much else to say. Make yellow a part of your Christmas this year by including the lemon cupcake. (Or you can really fool people by using food coloring and dying your lemon cupcake whatever color you want!)


How to celebrate – Bake some cupcakes for your family today. Buy some cupcakes for your family today. Take some lemon cupcakes to your neighbor.


December 8th National Brownie Day

Sweet, today is National Brownie Day! The first recipe for a brownie came from Fanny Farmer in 1896 but no one seems to know exactly when or where the brownie was invented. Who cares? When they come to the table no one is thinking, “Gee I wonder who invented the brownie.


Now if you don’t know how to make brownies, here’s a recipe. Personally, I just buy them. (And no, they aren’t as good) There is something about walking into a house with fresh brownies cooking that just makes it feel like a home.


Now I will admit, they are better with nuts but we must remember there are those allergic to nuts so lets make sure that if we are likely to be serving them to people with that allergy to leave the nuts off the brownie, no sense in temping them and then not allowing those people to participate in the days festivities.


And let us remember that the only single ingredient that makes a brownie even better is a nice tall, glass of milk. Then again, there are people who are lactose intolerable so milk may be a problem along with nuts. If you have friends that are allergic to both nuts and milk, just don’t invite them over.


A tasty treat, great smelling and better served warm (Maybe with some ice cream) what would be better than a brownie right now!?! It’s great for breakfast, lunch or dinner or even just a snack in-between.

How to celebrate – Have a brownie. Make some brownies. Invent your own recipe for making a new and different brownie.

June 5th World Environment Day

Our environment is important, it’s our home after all. Now I know there is a great debate about whether all the threats are real or not but we still need to be aware of the environment no matter what side you are on.

The day was created by the United Nations General Assembly in 1972.  I am not sure why it takes the United Nations to tell us to be aware of the world… we should know that!

Whether it’s the wide open plains colored in beds of grass – green, amber, or whatever color, they seem to go on forever, interrupted by the occasional hill. We do have to protect these areas where towns are easily built and factories thrive.

Or the deserts painted in reds and oranges, with the bluest skies you’ve ever seen. They always seem to be where the greatest treasures are found, like oil and precious gems. Another target of mankind.

And then there’s the mountains, great for ski resorts and to “Get away” from it all. Other treasures are also found here, buried under the outer crust of the mountain’s shell. Gold, iron, plutonium, and silver.

And naturally there are the rain forests of the world. They are beautiful, filled with lush plants and wild life and possible cures for the world’s worst diseases.

The point is… governments should not have to protect these natural wonders, businesses should not have to stop doing business, and agencies should not have to protect the world from the things we people demand, want and need. We need to innovate, which we are doing, to find sustainable ways to protect our world but provide too! So children of today, leaders of tomorrow, it’s up to you to press forward and search for great new opportunities!

How to celebrate – Make a list of the things that you think you need that come from these precious resources. Take a trip and visit some of the beautiful areas of the world. Educate yourself on the ecosystems of the world.