January 12th National Pharmacist Day

Today we celebrate the ultimate druggie, our local pharmacist. This is someone who knows the chemicals to use to make us feel better, hopefully mixed correctly so they don’t kill us!  They are easily found in nearly every grocery store along with drugstores.


The pharmacists we know today probably came from the alchemists of old. Men and women who practiced the use of chemicals, herbs and other ingredients that could cure mankind, or kill them. They often cured after making many, many mistakes that did anything but cure the people they were treating.


They are also versed with the over-the-counter cures, remedies and soothing lotions and herbs that make our lives better. Unlike their predecessors the pharmacists today spend at least 6 years of college to gain their degree, normally a doctorate, to be able to dispense medicines.

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How to celebrate – Thank your local pharmacist for all they know and do. Look into becoming a pharmacist yourself. Learn your own familiy’s home grown remedies (this does not mean to trust them!)