January 21st National Hugging Day

Today was created by the Rev. Kevin Zaburney of Caro, Michigan in 1986. I think the intent was to promote humanism, to unite people, and make them feel wanted and warmed by human contact. That caress that tells someone they are both loved and cherished. Oddly, the day was copyrighted meaning, someone saw profit in it somewhere.


Kinda spoils the meaning of the day. Not that too many will be taking advantage of the day anyway. With all the recent harassment charges going against everyone and their brother, or sister, as the case may be, today stands little chance of being honored.


Of course you can still hug relatives, with their permission of course. Boy have things changed since the sixties! This is not that I endorse the use of needless hugging, and there are those who might take advantage of a hug.


Now if you feel like being a rebel, go ahead and hug somebody. Of course you will need to get permission not only from the person you intend to hug but also whoever holds the copyright on the day. That will be done in triplicate with the normal fees involved.

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Or you may just want to leave it to those who you know and love. I doubt they will turn you into the copyright office or the local police.

How to celebrate – Hug somebody today. (with their permission). Hug your dog, or cat, they won’t tell anybody! Do something nice for someone today!