October 1st National Homemade Cookie Day

Love cookies!?! Can’t get out to get them from the store!?! Well, make them yourself! There is nothing like the smell of baking cookies in the house except maybe taking a warm cookie coming out of the oven and dunking it in a glass of milk. Today is the day to make those cookies the whole family enjoys, or even if you just enjoy them yourself. You can choose the flavor, size and shape of the cookie, how much it is cooked and who gets them. Bake them from scratch, or from a package, it doesn’t really matter.

How to celebrate – Bake some cookies! Try to invent a new type of cookie. Try and name as many types of cookies as you can.

August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

Ice cream between a cookie, what a perfect food! Sure, it’s not all that healthy for us but it’s good so who cares! The ice cream sandwich has been around since the early 1900’s and like most food inventions, it was probably done by mistake. Today all sorts of combinations are available, split pea ice cream between two kale cookies, yum! But nothing will ever beat the simple vanilla ice cream between two chocolate cookies. It’s portable, refreshing and filling.

How to celebrate – Have an ice cream sandwich! Invent your own flavor of ice cream sandwich. See how many types of ice cream sandwiches you can name.

July 9th National Sugar Cookie Day

Something so simple but so rewarding, so comforting, so enjoyable. Who doesn’t like a sugar cookie? Okay, well there are some of you who don’t but most of us do. That and a glass of milk make for the perfect treat. They work for nearly every holiday, can come in any color, shape or size and nearly always bring a smile to one’s face. There is also nothing like walking into a house where sugar cookies are being baked, the scent fills the air and can change a sour mood into a good mood almost instantly. Maybe what the world needs now is a huge sugar cookie that everyone can enjoy.

How to celebrate – Bake some sugar cookies. Throw a sugar cookie party. Share some sugar cookies with your neighbors (keeping in mind social distancing, of course 😁)

August 4th National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

August 4th National Chocolate Chip Cookie Day

It’s hard to believe that the chocolate chip cookie did not exist before Ruth Graves invented it in Wakefield, Mass in 1938. She and her husband owned an Inn in Wakefield called the Toll House Inn and the cookies, well they were called Toll House Cookies. People loved them and soon Nestle decided to buy out Ruth’s recipe and make it their own. It has since seemed to work out well for all concerned, particularly those that eat them! It does make me wonder though, did she get the idea and make them, or did they happen like so many inventions, by accident. We may never know, but who cares!

How to celebrate – Make some chocolate chip cookies! Buy some chocolate chip cookies. Visit the original Toll House Inn.

July 9th National Sugar Cookie Day

Don’t you love the smell of cookies baking in your home? And it seems that the easiest cookie to make is the sugar cookie. The sugar cookie has been with us for a long long time. It may be one of the oldest cookies known to mankind. Since we learned how to cookie dough and add sugar to it we have had the sugar cookie. And sometimes, the less complicated the better. Now we all realize the joy of cookies in the oven at Christmas time but why not have them during the summer as well? After-all, we celebrate Christmas in July so why not cookies in July as well! I think Julius Caesar would approve and after all, July is named for him so who would have more say?

How to celebrate – Bake some cookies today. Buy some sugar cookies. Celebrate Christmas in July.

December 18th Bake Cookies Day

With Christmas coming up it is the time of the year to fill the house with the scent of joy. Nothing spells out, or smells out, the scent of cookies baking to bring the family together, not just at Christmas but all year round.


Some believe that it is the scent of cookies cooking that brings Santa to your house in the first place. Who knows, maybe they are right! After-all, the scent of the cookies baking will waft out the chimney and into the neighborhood and Santa follows that scent down the chimney to get his reward.


It doesn’t really matter what flavor you use, chocolate chip, sugar, peanut butter… they are all good. You can decorate them for the holidays, or serve them plain… they are going to disappear really fast either way.


And for many, making them is as much fun as eating them. Maybe it’s the anticipation, the togetherness of preparing or just sitting around waiting for them to cook… it seems to bring out the best in everyone.


So get out the cookie cutters, the chocolate chips, the dough and whatever you need and get started! Make some cookies for everyone in your family, your neighbors and your friends.

How to celebrate – Make some cookies. Buy scented candles and imitate the scent of baking cookies. Buy a new set of cookie cutters.


August 2nd National Ice Cream Sandwich Day

It’s summer, it’s time for ice cream… but when you are on the go, it’s not easy to carry the bowl around with you and what do you do with it after you are finished eating it? Well, the simple answer is to make a sandwich out of it and eat everything leaving to evidence behind! (Except for that extra pound or two you have gained.


Now the ice cream sandwich has been around since the early 1900’s. I am a little surprised it took so long after the Earl of Sandwich invented the… sandwich. It is a logical conclusion and really doesn’t take all that much thought. I was going to give you a recipe here but… come on, how hard is it to figure out how to make your own ice cream sandwich!?!


The nice thing about it, it can be made with nearly any sandwich type material. Cake, cookies, brownies, sugar wafers… well you get the idea. Just take your favorite ice cream and slap it between two more solid type objects. Do I need to add that those two objects need to be editable?


You can even add sprinkles or fruit, whipped cream or the maraschino cherry. (I suggest removing the stem first.) I have tried my own version of the ice cream sandwich, putting ice cream between lice cream. Trust me, it doesn’t work very well. (Though it tastes great)


They are easy to make, even easier to buy… well, normally. While I was writing this I decided I wanted an ice cream sandwich and I went to the store to buy some. They were sold out! So I guess it’s a pretty popular day. The lesson here is…buy often and buy early!

How to celebrate – Stock up on ice cream sandwiches! (You won’t regret it) Make your own ice cream sandwiches using your favorite ice cream and whatever sweet you choose to place on the outer edges. Do not, I repeat do not, put brocoli inisde your ice cram!

July 9th National Sugar Cookie Day

Sometimes the simplest things are the best. In this case, it’s the sugar cookie. It’s hard to complicate the sugar cookie, though there are those that have tried! But why? It’s easy to make, fast to cook and it tastes great all by itself!

images (3)

And there is no smell as wonderful as cookies baking in the oven. They seem to permeate every corner of the house and even waft outside, seemingly inviting the neighbors in to sample a few for themselves. (Particularly if the neighbors have kids!)


You can put icing on them, maybe add some sprinkles but you really don’t have too. The icing, while good, changes the flavor of something already nearly perfect. It does make it prettier, maybe even a little more tempting but isn’t that a bit redundant?

download (7)

So if you are baking sugar cookies, go ahead and cover some in icing, others in sprinkles, even a few in icing and sprinkles but leave a few plain. I’ll bet those are the first to disappear!

download (5)

There is little on the history of the sugar cookie, probably because they have been being served since cave man (Or woman) roamed the earth. I’m pretty sure the ones we make today are better than their’s… but who knows?

How to celebrate – Make some sugar cookies for your family today. Come up with your own original topping for your sugar cookie. Save some for your Teddy Bear Picnic tomorrow.

May 31st National Macaroon Day

It’s nice that my favorite cookie’s day falls on my favorite son’s birthday. Nothing against other cookies, they are good and all but Macaroons are my favorite (and I only have one son so I am not really playing favorites here). It is a flour-less cookie, made from ground nuts and leavened egg whites. It has been a favorite among the Jewish community during Passover since they are not allowed to cook with flour during the season.


The coconut macaroon is by far the most popular and well known but I am told another flavor macaroon comes from potatoes. I’ve never had a potato flavored cookie that I know of, maybe I have… That ought to be interesting, I like potatoes.


Naturally the French had to one up the other macaroons… (macarons) at least I think it was the French. They don’t look like other macaroons (because they’re macarons) and they come in all sorts of flavors. They are good though. Funny looking, yes, and they are claimed to be made by Angels and Unicorns. I am pretty sure Angels have a lot more important things to do and if they were made by Unicorns wouldn’t they have a hole in the middle like a donut? Well Maarons have their own National Holiday in March.


Anyway, the traditional ones can be improved by drizzling chocolate over them, that is if you like chocolate. Not that they need it though. It is believed that the macaroon was first made in Italy around 1792. It is said that this cookie is the only thing that made the monks there talk!


Well, did I mention it is my son’s birthday? I think maybe we should try to make him a macaroon cake. Of course it might be just a tad bit dry by the time it reaches him so, I’ll just have to eat it myself and tell him about it. I’ll bet it’ll be good.!

How to celebrate – Eat a macaroon today! Make some macaroons. Try a macaron made by a unicorn.

July 9th National Sugar Cookie Day

There is perhaps nothing as simple, and yet satisfying, as the sugar cookie. I can actually say I do not know anyone who does not like a sugar cookie, though I am sure there are some out there. Since they re easy to make, you should bake some now!


If you want to make them even more tempting, use a little food coloring. The funny thing about that is that people will swear the blue one is better than the others. It’s not, food coloring has no taste, but still I really do like the red ones best!


It’s the same thing as making them into different shapes! It doesn’t make any difference what shape they are but somewhere, someone, is going to like the round one better than the square one, the rectangular one to the star shaped one.


Now add a little frosting, which does have flavorings in most cases. and add some sprinkles (More sugar) and you have changed the sugar cookie to a masterpiece of sugar use!


And they are good any time of year, any time of day and anytime you have people over.

How to celebrate – Bake a batch of sugar cookie today. Make some shapes that no one else has used. Try making your own flavor additive for your sugar cookies.