May 28th National Hamburger Day

The All-American meal, the hamburger! Unless you are a vegetarian, who doesn’t love the hamburger. Rare, Medium Rare, Medium, Medium Well, Well done… who cares!?! Add a little cheese and it becomes a meal fit for a King! McDonald’s, Burger King, Wendy’s (Among others) owe everything to the hamburger. On September 2nd, 2012 the Black Bear Casino Resort, in Carlton, Minnesota made histories largest hamburger ever. It weighed 2,014 pounds! Can you imagine the size of the grill!?! It also leaves me to wonder, who ate it? I’ll bet the middle was pretty rare! Don’t forget the fries!

How to celebrate – Have a hamburger today. Try adding different things to the meat to make it a new experience. Have a family cook-out!

April 12th National Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day

Remember those cold winter evenings when you came home from school or work and found you were having grilled cheese sandwiches and soup for dinner? Man, those were some of the best days ever. It was comfort food that made you feel warm and at home. So simple that it could melt away all the tensions of the day. Well, the grilled cheese sandwich has been around for a while. It sort of started back in the Roman era when cheese was often melted on bread and served to the rich and the poor alike. Of course, we didn’t have sliced bread until the 1920’s but that isn’t important. Any hunk of bread will do in a pinch! American cheese, Swiss cheese, Cheddar cheese… it didn’t really matter and dunking it in that hot soup seemed to make it even better! I miss those days. As our diets seem to involve less and less of the simple foods that made us feel better. It may have not been healthy, but boy was it good!

How to celebrate – Have a grilled cheese sandwich. Fix soup and a sandwich for dinner tonight. Have a grilled cheese sandwich party with all sorts of different cheese and bread.

July 21st National Junk Food Day

Today is all about comfort food. You know, the stuff you aren’t supposed to have but you want to anyway, you may even crave it. Ice cream, candy bars, cookies, french fries, pie, cake, pizza, milk shakes, pudding… physically we would all be so much better off if they didn’t exist, but we would also be so much sadder at the same time.


When you look at it in mass it doesn’t even look inviting but piece by piece, bag by bag, oh the wonders of how it supposedly makes us feel. That instant sigh of relief of finally having something sweet, or salty, particularly when we have had a bad day.

images (3)

It’s too bad that celery isn’t thought of as a junk food because we would probably like it better. After all, it’s what’s in our mind that makes us lean to junk. It’s something fast and easy to make or grab, something we do not have to think about hours before we want, it or spend a day and a half preparing it before we can eat it.


After all, it’s easier to grab a hamburger somewhere than it is to fix a meatloaf at home (although in some cases meatloaf is considered junk food). It is all in your mind. A raw carrot tastes just as good as an ice cream sandwich but there is something about the ice cream sandwich that comforts us, that is, until we try to get rid of the extra weight too many ice cream sandwiches have caused us to gain.


Some say today was created by the health conscious to make fun of, and ridicule those junk food junkies of us. The funny thing about that is, it’s backfired on them because it’s the one day they can’t really complain about what we are eating, and they created it!

How to celebrate – Make a list of your favorite junk foods. Make every meal of the day a junk food meal (start at McDonald’s for breakfast, Wendy’s for lunch and Burger King for supper). Go for a jog with a bag of french fries!