August 4th National U.S. Coast Guard Day

August 4th National U.S. Coast Guard Day

Today, in 1790, Congress created the Revenue Cutter Service designed to collect tariffs for the government. At first ten ships were ordered and expected to collect tariffs all along the seaboard. As the years continued the Service became the Coast Guard, in 1915, with the duty of protecting the shoreline of America from enemies, both domestic and foreign. Their duties now include rescue and aide to any in need. Though they are often forgotten as a branch of the military, they are equal too.

How to celebrate – Visit a Coast Guard base, make sure it’s open to the public. Thank any Coast Guard service personal you see for their service. Read about the history of the Coast Guard.

June 20th International Surfing Day

June 20th – International Surfing Day

This day was created in 1993 by Surfing Magazine and the Surfrider Foundation. It honors all those dudes, and dudettes, that hang ten on those gnarly waves that crash ashore from the sea. It always falls on the third Saturday in June. There is an entire culture that lives the surfing lifestyle. They are normally found on the beach, either morning or night. We associate bonfires and bottles of beer, long haired dudes and wet suits with surfing. Normally surfers are found on the coasts, Iowa (for example) isn’t called home to too many surfers. Oddly, this carefree lifestyle is not cheap with the average surfboard costing $300.00 (there are many higher priced than that).

How to celebrate – Start surfing.  Just hang out at the beach and pretend you are a surfer. Go to a Beach Boys concert.