May 10th National Clean Up Your Room Day

Who knows what you might find if you actually cleaned up your room. Money? Jewels? A lost relative? Maybe you can even find yesterdays lost sock! Anyway, the point is, it needs to be cleaned up… you know, I know and probably even the neighbors know it.


Now when one says their room, that does not necessarily mean it’s a bedroom. (Though it probably is) It could be any room in the house. The Bathroom, the garage, a game room… they all need to be cleaned. The best gauge for figuring what room needs it most is the room you can’t remember last cleaning!


Yes, you may need to use some chemicals and protective wear but it will be worth it. Just think how you will feel after you’ve cleaned it up, I mean after the tired and grumpy part. You will feel so much better about yourself that you might even invite friends over, proud to show them a room they never knew existed. messy-room-e1493389483861

And you know when your dog starts to look at you like, “When are you going to do something about this” that maybe it’s gone a little too far. Or perhaps you may have lost a dog in there that you thought ran away from home! There is even a point when a dog gets tired of routing through all the dirty clothes, left over take out food and who knows what else might be in there?


So go on, clean it up and today is the day to do it. You’ll feel better, your whole family will feel better and even your pets will feel better. Either that, or leave it a move away so someone else can do it !

How to celebrate – Well, duh… clean up your room. Off to help someone clean their room if they will help you clean yours. See if you can find Jimmy Hoffa buried in there!

May 10th National Clean Up Your Room Day

Okay, so our country is in a mess, the world is in a mess, our lives are in a mess and you really can’t do much about it. There is one thing you can make better, you can clean up your room (s) and actually accomplish something.


I sort of like cleaning up messy rooms. I mean if it’s my own mess I find things that I thought were long gone, and if it’s somebody’s then you never know what treasure you might find next. True, most of the surprises are things you really don’t want to find but occasionally there is that rare gems in there among the trash.


And once it is cleaned up it makes you feel so much better and you have that sense of accomplishment. “Look at what I did!” You can even give guided tours if you want!


Of course if you are a pack-rat like me, then you have some tough decisions to make. You simply can’t keep it all, something has to go. And just putting all of it into another room and trashing it is not an answer. This is truly what garage sales are made for.


I have been told that if you haven’t used the item in a year it’s time for it to go. The biggest problem with that is the stuff you haven’t used in a year is buried under all that stuff you have used in a year! If you sell it off at least you have gotten some value from it, money to probably buy more junk with! Well, whatever you are going to do, today is your day to start doing it!

How to celebrate [ Plan a garage sale to get rid of what you don;t need or want. Check your wardrobe for items that won;t even fit you anymore. (Yes, I know you are planning on losing weight and you may use it again but by then it will be so out of fashion you won’t want to be sen in it anyway! Have a clean up your room party! (Just make sure there is nothing in there that you don’t want found!)